Lost Like Alice is a project from Singer-Songwriter Ben Parker, combining his love for the poetic lyric, blues guitar playing, and his ever changing pursuit of multiple genres. Ben has been performing and writing since the age of 11, playing songs about his life in all aspects, most recently playing in Manchester Academy. Ben has travelled all over the country in playing his music, as well as playing at festivals such as Focus Wales. Ben has gained incredible support with 'Lost Like Alice' on Stations all over the UK, Australia and South Africa, France as Canada, as well as support from BBC Radio Wales. The debut ep for 'Lost Like Alice', ‘Thread', was released in June 2017, and was praised for the level of songwriting found within. Ben has just put a brand new ep called '20' which came out on March 2nd. The EP is a collection of key moments from Ben's life, as we all have defining moments when growing up, that shape us. The EP is completely stripped down to the core, letting the message, and the stories really shine through. Ben is out playing shows all summer, all over the UK in 2018.

Only the guarded can stay immune to Ben Parker's songwriting”


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