Paris on Thursday! 

Exciting time's ahead! I've got a hell of a lot on at the minute but it's all great fun! On Thursday I will be heading off to Paris for four days, going on a cruise around the Sienne, visiting the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and just generally doing really touristy thing! By the time I get back the new single keys will almost be with you! It's coming at you hot and heavy on April 5th and I'm stupidly excited! It's also a really exciting time because recently I have started a project I have wanted to do ever since I can remember. And that is writing a novel. I know it's a huge challenge, but to be able to achieve the task along is the craziest thing, to be able to write every day and somehow cough up over 75 thousand words. There's a long way to go on it but I have finished my first draft which is a really proud thing for me, and I look forward to getting it properly finished over the rest of the year, or however long it will take. It's a crime/thriller story, and I can't wait to see where it goes! 

Where will we be able to find the new single?

Well it will be going on all major streaming platforms on April 5th, as well as being featured on a few radio stations around the place. I'll be doing three radio live session in April to promote the single, and just generally enjoying getting it out there. To those of you who have commented on any of the snippets i've put up of the song, thank you! It means the world and I can't wait to share it with you in it's entirety. The song is very personal, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Following Keys, there will be a string of brand new music coming out shortly after, culminating in the entire release off my brand new project, though I can't share the name of it just yet! 

When's the next gig? 

My next show will be at the very cool Borassic in Menai Bridge on April 21st, a venue I am always pleased to come back to! By that point the new single will be out, and I'll be playing a bunch of new songs from the new project. If you can't wait until then, I have attached a short snippet of an acoustic version of keys, completely unplugged and giving you a little taster of what to expect! Hope you enjoy, see you soon! 

Running late with the blog, right on time for everything else! 

Bit of a last-minute blog post today, everything has  been so mad recently I almost forgot completely! Oops! I've been putting my attention recently to writing a novel, something I've always wanted to do and finally got the right ideas and forced myself to keep writing. It's completely taken over my life at the minute but I'm really proud that I'm finally on the final stretch, 70,000 or so words later. Despite the lack of gigs recently, there is still exciting music news with the Lost Like Alice project at the minute. My brand new single Keys will be out on April the 5th, just a few days after I return from my trip to Paris. I'm beyond excited to go and I'm sure it will an amazing trip. I've been to France before just never seen Paris which is a bit of a crime, so I'm changing that! With everything that is going on, I can't wait to have a little break! It feels as if its been a long time over due! I will be hosting the open mic night at the cove in bangor on the 21st, so be sure to come down and have a listen! 

Whats the best thing about getting new music out there? 

Well I guess it's great to finally be able to share my ideas. The process of making this project has taken a long while, from writing, to planning, to recording and trying to capture the right vision for each of the tracks, with a brand new energy to the project. Keys is the perfect one to ease you in, symbolising everything that the new project is about and where its going to be heading over the next few years. 

When can we expect the new full length project? 

After keys is released there will be a series of a few other singles before the project comes out completely. Keys gets the ball rolling, before some really exciting and unique sounding tracks will be coming your way! Stay tuned and make sure you share with your friends about the new single coming out!

Keys, the new project, and everything else!  

It’s been a bit of crazy week to say the least, so much being planned, so much work to be done. It’s been a mad few days between planning the new single, coursework, writing essays, and a new writing project I’ve been quietly working on. It’s not all about music sometimes! I recently started a new blog called “Let Me Write’, where I’ve been reviewing books, tv shows, and last week I was fortunate enough to interview best selling author Sarah Pinborough about her brand new book ‘Cross Her Heart’. I’ve been a bit quiet on the gig front for a good reason - to ensure a smooth and well planned release for “Keys”, focusing on putting all my energy into that. It’s such a great sounding track, and I’m over the moon to get it out to all of you! 

What can be expected from the new single? 

Keys is a bit of a mix between the two LLA EP’S. It has the raw and emotive feel from 20, a rich acoustic sound, and the powerful guitar driven rock attitude as the song builds to a climax. Despite the two stylings, it’s got a brand new energy and sound that I’ve been exploring over the past few months, finally bringing it to fruition. It’s a song about trying to help someone when you’re struggling too, showing the pain and the suffering that can come with that. All lovely and cheery stuff I know. I wrote it quite a while ago now, and is such a rewarding thing to finally be able to share it. It’s the first proper look at the new project, promising a tonne of new music from me! To those people who have heard the song live and connected with it, thank you. It’s a song that means an awful lot to me, and I hope it will to you too. 

What’s all this talk about non-music related stuff? 

Well it’s an interesting thing, considering this is a blog only meant for the Lost Like Alice project and all that it entails. Over the past few months things have changed dramatically for me, going from pursuing music full time, to going back into education was a strange adjustment, but one I’m really pleased with. I’ve been successfully balancing the music stuff as well as my studies so far, and I’m excited to start my degree later in the year. I’ve always had more than one passion, and I love writing in all aspects and I’m excited to see where it all leads. I’m really excited to be going to Paris in a few weeks with my girlfriend, taking a break from everything and just enjoying the culture. I’ll hopefully be doing some really cool content when I’m there and will be sure to share it with you. 

When is the next show? 

My next official show won’t be until April sometime, though I have tonnes coming up in the summer. I am however hosting an Open Mic night at the Cove in Bangor on March 21st, if you fancy coming to play some songs or just stay top have a listen. You’ll be able to catch me on the radio throughout April on a few local stations, playing the new single and talking all things new music! I’ll give you all the details closer to the time so you can tune in! See you next week!

Keys release date! 

Before getting into the great weekend that's just been - and it really was a great weekend - I have some exciting news! After a very long time working on this new project, It's finally time to release a new single! I'm buzzing to announce that my brand new single 'Keys' will be out on April the 5th in all its glory! It's a song that sums up the entire project to me. Emotional at heart, building up to an explosive end. It's a whole new sound, and yet so familiar and true to the core of what Lost Like Alice is. I can't wait for you to hear it!  

So how was the weekend?  

I returned back to Borassic in Menai Bridge on Friday for a night of live acoustic music. It's always a warm welcome and I had the best time. I even dived into some ancient songs of mine, one of which I wrote when I was 14. Mad to think how long I've been doing this. I hadn't played in a few weeks when this gig came about, and was lovely to get back on stage and play some new songs!  

Next show? 

As my my next show you may have to wait till April. I've got a lot of things in place to support the new single, with three radio interviews and sessions to help get this exciting new song out in the world! I'm also off to Paris at the end of this month for a few days with my girlfriend, which is really exciting! It's been a while since any kind of break and feels the right time. I'll be sorting out the release and that whilst I'm out there, maybe doing some promo shots with popular landmarks! 

Remember April 5th!  

I'm crazy excited to be finally releasing the first song from this new project, a collection I am very proud of. It'll be with you very soon!

I Don't Have The Keys 

It's been a very exciting week for Lost Like Alice - starting the process of getting this brand new project out to you. I've been putting out some teasers for a brand new song, with little clips and the artwork I've been shoving on every social media platform available. The image is a door handle with a semicolon key hole. The universal symbol for depression and mental health is a semicolon, though we can't always unlock the secrets to fix it. I had a good friend of mine play the song on his radio show on Saturday night, to give those that tuned in an exclusive first listen of the new project. If you missed it I am sorry, but hold on it will be coming out very soon! The first new music from me in a very long time, well it feels that way anyway! I'm so excited to be able to share what I've been up to! I've been working very closely with producer Paul Demarco to achieve my visions for the new project and bring it life. Combining the organic sound from 20, the crazy production from Thread, all to create a brand new voice for Lost Like Alice. It's by far the best project I've ever been a part of and I can't wait to see it finished and on your playlists! 

When is this new project coming? 

Well, that is a very good question. The project is near completion with a single ready to go in April. The collection of songs is something I'm extremely proud of and will come out in its entirety later in the year. Good things come to those who wait! It's both the most fun selection of songs that I have, as well as the most emotional, with newfound energy and inspiration to the project that I'm very proud of. Hold on tight it's coming! 

When's the next show? 

I'm very excited to be returning to the very cool Borassic in menai bridge, an awesome little cocktail bar that just oozes class. You can catch me playing two 45 minute sets of brand new original songs, as well as some of my older work. I have just bought tickets to see Gary Clark Jr later in the year, so there will definitely be a cover of his going in the set! The show is on March the 1st, make sure you come out! 

What's the summer looking like for LLA? 

As usual, I have a tonne of exciting summer shows coming up. Food Festivals, music festivals, it's going to be great! It's always my favourite part of the gigging season,bringing my songs out to people in the sunshine. There's a few I can not announce just yet, but you may have seen that I'm playing at The Well Inn Festival in Holywell this September! I can't wait. See you there!

Perks Of Being A Musician 

Being a musician, definitely comes with a lot of positive outcomes. You get to travel to new places, attend festivals, meet new people, and get involved in a great live atmosphere, all just for the simple goal of playing the songs you broke heart to write In your bedroom that time. I adore what I do, and am constantly excited with what's next for Lost Like Alice. Though it's not all joy. There's a lot of really tough things that come into play when you play live as much as I do, and I wanted to shed some light on. A prime example was this past Thursday, I had been planning for Months to be supporting John Adams for Independent Venue week, for which I had been counting down the days. It’s rare for me to get offered an event of this caliber and I couldn't wait. The original date for the show fell through due to awful weather conditions, and was postponed to Valentines Day. I came down with a virus just a few days before, which is a dreaded thing if you're a musician. You can't phone in sick and say you'll do it another day, events will happen with or without and that's just the way it is. I unfortunately had to make the call to protect damaging my voice further, thus cancelling the show. I believe a great time was had at the night and was great to see some photos. I'm hoping to book another show down in mid Wales very soon and apologise to those who had planned to catch me play. It’s just one of those really unlucky things. It's an awful thing to put in months trying to get people excited for a show, do post after post, arrange every last detail, just to be unable to perform when it's time. There is still some great events coming up this year, just gave me a bit of a knock not being able to do something I'd looked forward to so much. Rather than dwelling on things, let's talk about all the exciting events that are coming up! Since Lost Like Alice started, each and every year has been busier than the last, taking on new exciting opportunities each time! 2019 is no different, with a bunch of great shows coming up! 

Let’s Not Sulk About It 

I've got a great array of shows coming up this year that I cannot wait for, starting off with my return set at Borassic in Menai Bridge on March 1st! I had such a blast last time and cannot wait to return! I have a brand new set that i’ve been working on, with a bunch of new songs! Be sure to come out and have a listen! The way Lost Like Alice has been going the past few years, really fast paced, going from one EP to the next, new show after new show, and for the first time it has been really refreshing to just concentrate on the shows, work on this exciting new project quietly, while 20 still continues to do it’s thing. It’s a refreshing way to work, though it does get frustrating when you get excited about sharing something, which is rather annoying, but it’ll all be worth it I promise! As it’s getting into the lighter part of the year, festival season is in sight, with some brilliant Festival gigs coming up that I am very excited about. The first I can announce Is the Well Inn Festival in Holywell, featuring a large array of brilliant acts and artists and I’m buzzing to be amongst them! It’s all happening on September the 7th so make sure you make a note in your calendar! 

Catching Inspiration In The Moment 

I’ve been making more of an effort this year to share brand new ideas, as they fall onto the page. I’m always secretly doing these recording projects, holding back songs until I feel you’re ready to hear them. I wanted to really give an insight into how a song takes shape, and share what I do with those that want to listen. I’ve been writing so much over the past year or so, and thus meaning a whole new selection of songs are just waiting there. I will of course be releasing an official single, but it’s been fun to put out these live sessions of previously unheard songs, in their raw form. I hope you’ve been enjoying them too! See you next week!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day's big gig!  

It's happens to be way too early on a cold Sunday morning as I'm writing this, mentally preparing myself for the week ahead, and how to make the most of it. The most positive aspect of running a weekly blog on a Monday, as it that it leaves you looking positively to the week ahead, approaching the one just been, and how to improve week by week. This coming week is a very big one, to say I'm excited is an understatement. If you're new here, you may be questioning what possible excitement is lurking over the next few days. If so, have a seat, and we'll get into it. An event I have looked forward to for a while now is coming up this Valentine's Day, where I'll be venturing off to Mid Wales, to support the very talented John Adams in the Pavillion. Even after doing the hundreds of shows I have been lucky enough to land, events such as this really stand out, becoming a real highlight for the years shows. As someone who's done their fair share of not so great events, ones such as this, really get me excited! It's been a while since I've played in Mid Wales and cannot wait to be back! Since the shows now on Valentine's Day, it feels only right to choose my setlist accordingly! 

What goes on in a typical ‘Lost Like Alice’ week?                      

If you’ve been here before, or are somehow familiar with me in any way, you’ll see the frequent number of gigs that I’m always heading off to or coming back from, performing live is by far the best part of this whole beautiful thing. A typical week see’s me preparing for each show, choosing the right setlist for that event, practising to make sure i’m on top form, and unfortunately, travelling. A lot of these events take a dreaded car journey in order to arrive on time to each event, but it’s just one of those things! For the last few months I've been going deep into a brand new recording project, which takes up a blot of my spare time, looking at the mixes, seeing how things could be improved, and aiming to make the strongest ‘Lost Like Alice’ project to date! I’ve been annoyingly hinting this for a while, but it is vastly approaching don’t you worry!  

Fresh Batch Of The 20 EP!

It’s so crazy to think, that next month, it will have been a whole year since I released the 20 EP! A project that I’m so grateful to own, and had such a brilliant response from all of you! It was only ever meant to be an acoustic project, but it became so much more. The months in which I locked myself away, in a room with only a guitar and recording equipment, and spent every waking minute, working towards something I could be proud of! The amount of people who have bought a CD, or even just had a listen, thank you! I recently ran out of copies for the EP, so have ordered a brand new batch which arrived yesterday! You can now get them online, for only £2 from my bandcamp, for a limited time only! It’s not too late to get that special someone a nice cd for the romantic day!  Buy a copy here

What’s coming up?

As we are now very slowly, and I mean very slowly, getting into the lighter part of year, that means tonnes and tonnes of new gigs! The weather doesn't make you want to curl up in bed anymore, and we can all start to have that first glimpse of spring! I have a lot of exciting events coming up later in the year which I am yet to announce, but first, I was very pleased to announce my appearance at The Well Inn Festival this September! It’s only two days after my birthday, and is always a great time of year, I cant wait to play! See you there!

A Structured Approach To Blogging! 

With a brand new year now In place, it seems fitting to bring about a new voice, and a new motive for the weekly blog post. The laid back nature of every week has been extremely enjoyable to write for the past year, but I now want to take on a much more structured approach to the weekly ramblings of yours truly, to create a really in depth and powerful piece of literature, every Monday afternoon. Well maybe not a powerful piece of literature, but you get the drift. I want to start really answering important questions, really giving your good selfs a new idea of what ‘Lost Like Alice’ is, and what it’s becoming. The plan is to split each post into designated themes, as well as keeping you up to date with what’s going on week by week.  

New Music Releases (Well Sort of). 

Over the past week, I have given the first real listen of previously unheard songs since the release of ‘Innocent’, which came out in July. Last weeks blog post marked the one year anniversary of the Lost Like Alice blog, a big milestone in my book, and something I am extremely proud of. To celebrate the occasion, I released an acoustic track called ‘Lay Down’, a song I wrote a few months ago, and happened to come across this great acoustic recording, leaving to the only obvious conclusion, to release the song to you. Not in the old fashioned sense of releasing music, the track is simply a gift from me to you. As I enjoyed getting some new ears on completely unknown music, Is why on Saturday, I released another brand new live session, of a song called ‘You & I’. I may be seen as someone who often, or more than often tends to write the odd sad song, but this isn't the case with this song. It’s a song born out of loving someone so completely, promising to be there through everything that could possibly be thrown at us. It’s a bit soppy and romantic I know, but it’s always a great thing to get to the heart of what a song is truly about, and what it means to me.  

Where is “I AM’? 

If this is your first time hearing of “I Am”, not I am not talking about one of the black eyed peas, I am talking about my first official single for my brand new project. I’ve been teasing the track for a while, and It’s almost time for you to have a listen! The song came together so quickly, and I cannot wait for the outcome! It’s in its final stages now in the studio, tidying up, and getting everything ready for the big release. If you keep your eyes open, soon enough, It’ll be with you! But I can’t give too many secrets away surely! The song is one of around eight tracks that myself and producer Paul Demarco, have been working on for the past few months, really exploring the vision for ‘Lost Like Alice’, and where I would like to explore next. It’s a song I am so proud to own, and have so much fun performing it at every show! It’s raw, bluesy, rocky, energetic, and full of this powerful insight into the idea of growing up, or at least trying to. It’s one I am buzzing about to be able to play, and if you’d like a sneak preview, you know what to do!  

What’s Happened With LLA This Week? 

As we've touched on live shows, it seems only right to share with you what musical activity I’ve been up to this week. On Tuesday night, I returned to The Cove in Bangor, for what turned out to be a buzzing night of live original music. It may have been a Tuesday, but sure had the vibes, and the atmosphere of a Friday! I was quite shocked to be honest, but pleasantly surprised. January is always a tricky time with events, as the want to go out dips after a long stretched out Christmas period, but saying that, Tuesday nights show was a night to remember! On Thursday I was set to support John Adams in Llandrindod Wells for Independent venue week, yet due to extreme weather conditions, it was not meant to be! It’s all worked out though, we have a brand new date on February 14th, Valentines Day! I assure you its not one to miss, and I hope to see you there! Now you’ve read this beautifully organised piece, you may venture on my brand new live session, ‘You & I’. Enjoy! 

One year of blog posts! + BRAND NEW TRACK 

So it’s Sunday night while I’m writing this, the time of the week where I try to articulate everything in my busy little brain, and come up something hopefully interesting or useful. I’m surprised that this blog has been going as long as it has, with today being the one year anniversary of the first post! Yeah that’s right, 52 posts later and we are here! To everyone who’s read any of the random posts I’ve put up, thank you! I have lots of plans for the blog this year, and hope you’ll continue to check in with me every Monday! To thank you for your support I’ve released a brand new acoustic track just for you called ‘Lay Down’, aswell as go more in depth about my upcoming new single “I Am”. 

This week has been an interesting one, I’ve compiled a load of exciting gigs for this new year, some even stretching to December! It’s mad to get so many brilliant opportunities just based off word of mouth! I’ve been working hard getting my brand new single “I AM” finished and ready for release, and I cannot wait for you to hear it! It seems like a lifetime since I’ve released new music and I cannot wait to get the ball rolling again! As some of you might know, I’ve been studying with The Open University over the past few months, which certainly keeps me busy, and is sometimes hard to balance the music and my studies, but it’s all working out so far and am really enjoying it! It’s definitely been a positive few months all round!  

Now let’s get stuck into the new single, because it’s about time I shed some light on it! “I Am” is a song I wrote a few months ago, and is about growing up and the difficulties of adult life, dealing with this transitional period. It’s a song that was produced by Paul Demarco, and we created the whole track on an acoustic guitar! The drums, the bass, everything was made using simply an acoustic guitar, which is a shocking thing once you hear it! We’ve been mulling over a lot of exciting tracks over the past few months, finally getting ready for release! I can’t wait for you to hear it, be sure to keep posted on all new music news! This coming Tuesday I’ll be returning to The Cove in Bangor for another set of some brand new songs! Following that I’m heading off to Llandrindod Wells to support the brilliant John Adams in the Pavillion, as part of Independent venue week! It’s a show I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and am buzzing to be supporting John in Mid Wales as part of his “No White Lies” tour! See you there! To celebrate a year of blog posts, I have released a brand new acoustic track to soundcloud, to thank you for all support! Here is 'Lay Down'! 


Brilliant weekend!  

I’m not sure where to start this weeks blog as it’s been such an exciting week musically, which is always the best kind of week! As I’ve been mentioning recently, I’m getting closer and closer to releasing new music in the next couple of months. I’ve been working on a collection of about 10 songs for the last several months, and am finally ready to share it all with you! Starting off with a brand new single! The song is in its final stages now, and will be in your headphones very shortly! It’s a been a busy/brilliant weekend full of gigs too, which is always my favourite thing to do on the weekend! On Friday night I played in Borrasic in Menai bridge for the first time, and had a great time doing so! If you’ve never been, it’s the coolest little cocktail bar right in the centre of the town, such a great collection of drinks, with a great atmosphere! It’s great to see a local venue packed full on a Friday night, while I’m able to entertain them with some original music! I’ll be returning on March 1st for another great evening! I hope to see some of you there!  Then on Saturday night, I headed up to Colwyn Bay to play at The Station, an awesome bar, and a brilliant place to perform! It was in aid of Connect Buddies, a Charity I’ve been involved with at a couple of events now over the last few years, and it’s such a great cause! They give people with disabilities the ability to go out, and have a great time like the rest of us, without having to worry about anything other than having fun, by having someone take them to the pub, theatre, music events, and all kinds of stuff! I think it’s such a brilliant charity and you should definitely check it out, and see how you can support! The gig itself was brilliant, such a warm reception, to a packed out room! It was great evening!It’s been a brilliant start to the year, it’s always great being so busy with shows and it’s such a humbling thing! I’ve got some great opportunities coming up this year, but let’s not get carried away, January isn’t finished just yet! My next show will be at The Pavillion in Llandrindod Wells for Independent Venue Week, supporting the very talented John Adams! It’s an event I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and I cannot wait to get on stage! Tickets are still available, see you there! 


Lost Like Alice

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP '20' on March 2nd. '20' offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of song writing, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben's progressive look on personal circumstances paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, '20' offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six part production resulting in professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says:
'20' is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as person. It's me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I'm incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self produced, and was such a refreshing experience.
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