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Twenty Thoughts At Once 

Crooked Lines Music VideoSo as you now know, my new EP is rapidly approaching. I am in full gear getting stuff ready to finally get this thing out! I've put an awful lot into this and can't wait for you to have a listen! There's tonnes of stuff happening at the minute to coincide with the release so thought I'd update you on a little bit of that. I apologise in advance for the unstructured nature of this weeks blog, got lots to cover! 

On Friday I released the music video for 'Crooked Lines', which is something I've been keeping quiet about for a while. It's exactly what I wanted to achieve, really highlighting the message in the song, as well as giving you something enjoyable to watch! I spent a while coming up with ideas, and whilst out in my garden, I saw a pile of withered roses, that had been thrown out. It sparked this idea of giving something a new life, which I think really resonates with the songs idea of acceptance, before you begin to heal. You've got all this life going on around you, always moving forward, even when it feels like you're not, which is something I wanted to try and visually represent in the video. If you haven't seen it yet all of this might sound like nonsense so click the link at the top to have a watch! The song it's self I think carries a really important message. Saying "I'm not okay, and that's okay too". I like to think that although these songs can often come from a pretty dark place, they have a little hope, that things can and will get better. 

I have a tonne of gig dates coming up which I'm so excited for, as well as some very cool festival slots! All of March I'm out gigging, playing places I've never played, to people who've never heard my music which I find really exciting. In March I'll be playing in London for the first time, as well as some great local gigs in between that. Be sure to come out to one, they are always a great laugh, and is a great way to spend an evening listening to some original music! Since about October, I've slowed things down gig wise, so I could regroup and focus on my new EP. After my first gig of the year at Manchester Academy was such a success I can't wait to get back to playing as much as I can! Here's a list of my gigs in March:  

March 2nd - EP COMES OUT 
March 3rd - The Manor 
March 16th - Luna Lounge, London 
March 30th - Ucheldre, Holyhead  
March 31st - Rascals, Bangor 

I'm currently getting physical copies of the new EP sorted and have finalised artwork which is super exciting! I will do a post once those are available! If you can't tell by reading this, I'm extremely excited to get this EP out! I've also been working on some never heard before, brand new surprises for the EP that I can't wait for you to be a part of! It's the most inspired I've been musically making 20, and am incredibly proud of it. March 2nd and it's all yours!

Twenty: The EP and the age  

Crooked Lines - Live At Manchester Academy
So as you probably maybe sort of know, I have a new EP coming out on March 2nd, and that EP, is called 20. If you've read this blog before, you'll know that I'll start getting right deep into it in the next paragraph. Grab a shovel, let's begin.  

The whole project started completely out of the blue. I hadn't planned to do it at all, the songs just sort made their way into my life and I couldn't ignore the direction they were telling me to go. I remember the exact moment, when the idea took place in my head. I had just done a gig at Manchester Food and Drink Festival, and was having a conversation with someone about how I wanted to showcase what I do live, on some kind of recorded project. It's one of those moments where you realise what you are going to do as soon as you say it. I had most of the songs at that point, and started recording the next day. 

To me it feels like an EP about growing up. I turned 20 in September, almost to my own disbelief, and was something that really resonated with me as a theme. These are songs about moments in life that define you, and feel I've had my share of those! The choice of the EP name wasn't just because I had just turned twenty and thought "yeah that will do". It came from the song, Now fittingly titled '20 (When We Wake). There's a line in the song which completely sums it all up, "Twenty years been told, still feels like seventeen".  

The last song on the EP is called 'One Last Time'. It's by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to write. It's about that last moment, before you finally let go. A lot of times we wish we can live in that moment forever, but it's false, and soon enough reality sets in, and you need to just let it be. It's a song that I thought I'd lose. I never had the right way to approach it, and the right project to put it on. I think it's the fact that when I recorded it, there was no pressure. I had completed the EP, well I thought I had anyway, so it was so refreshing to just focus on what the song needs, rather than all the complications that come with making music. It was simple.  

I see this EP as a collection of stories and events, from key moments in my life, which contribute to who I am as a person now. We all have moments that make us turn out a certain way, or highlight a certain characteristic that makes you, you. Sonically it's exactly what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to find out what just me in a room, with my thoughts, ideas, and songs sounds like, and this it. It's organic, it's stripped back, and it's a complete reflection of parts of my life. I really can't wait for you to hear this! Put March 2nd in your calendar! 

On Friday I supported Blank Cheque in Manchester Academy. It was such an amazing experience, going from playing in empty bars to a place where so many incredible artists have played. Definitely won't be something I'll ever forget. I opened the set with a song called 'Colour Blind' which is one I wrote before 'Lost Like Alice' started, and is a hard one to get rid of. I got to play 'Crooked Lines' to a crowd for the first time which was insane! You can find that performance video at the top of this post!  

This Friday I'll be releasing the music video for 'Crooked Lines'! I had so much fun making it and can't wait for you to see it! Keep a look out!


Headlights - An Unknown Destination  

Headlights - Listen

Headlights, is the first single from my upcoming EP '20'. It came out in November and received a completely overwhelming response, with reviews, being played on BBC Radio Wales, it was incredible.  

Every now and again, I'll write a song, that just completely flows out of me, not knowing where it came from. Headlights is exactly that. It's a song that completely shaped my new EP, opening a door to places I'd never been musically. It was one of those moments where, I looked down at the page, and was like "so that's how I feel".  

I really wanted to capture the essence of the lyrics, and create a completely stripped back landscape for them to sit on. It's what I imagine waves would sound like if they could sing.  

The song itself, is about living within limitations, but still focusing on the beautiful moments in life as they pass. It's a search for something greater, without completely knowing what that is.  

Production wise I wanted to really bring out the lyrics, and the melodies, with this lingering ambience that carries through the whole song. I could have thrown tonnes of instruments at it, but I think it would miss the whole point. I wanted to sonically represent the meaning of the song. It's stripped back, it's limited. You get to the end of the song and there's big dramatic ending, which is kind of like the start of things getting better.  

A few people have asked me about the artwork of the song, which has a pretty interesting backstory. In the 50's my grandfather moved to Australia when he was only 15, and ended up living on a ranch. I found this collection of photographs that he had taken on his travels. He lived such an incredible life, and I wanted to pay tribute to that somehow. That picture is the boat that he traveled on. It's fitting because I feel like the song is a journey, it just doesn't know where it's destination is yet. I really hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I Am also really happy to announce that the EP will be coming out on March 2nd! I cannot wait for you to hear it, I have some really exciting gigs coming up around the release too, make sure you come out to one!:)





Crooked Lines - Thinking Fast 

Crooked Lines - Listen

So as some of you might know, I put out a brand new song on January 26th called 'Crooked Lines'. But what you might not know is the back story of the song.  

Crooked Lines, is taken from my upcoming EP '20', which is a very organic, stripped to the core, type of EP. The EP was actually finished in late October, and have spent the time since getting out singles and getting all the things that have to ready for a new release, ready.  

Cut about a month and a bit later, to Christmas Day. I'd been up most the night not being able to sleep, (not because I was excited that Santa was coming), but anyway, it was about 4am and I sat down to play my guitar. Bare in mind it was 4am so I was trying to play quietly. Soon after this song just poured out of me. I didn't really think much of it at the time, and then got up to get on with Christmas.  

The next day I listening to a voice memo I had made of the song, and got excited by it again. I knew then I wanted it to go out with 'What's Missing?, but had to work very fast to make that happen.  

As the whole project has been self produced, self recorded, the recording process was pretty similar to that of my song 'Headlights', and the rest of the EP for that matter. But this time I wanted to push the boundaries a little more. I'd focused heavily on the organic, raw and acoustic sound, and wanted to create something that could fit in with that, but still have some gripping electric guitar and big ambient sounds.  

I had a few attempts at recording the song before I found a style that really brought out all those characteristics. I wanted to create a really warm, ancient vocal sound, by layering harmonies blended together and panned, which really brings out the choruses. I will do another post about the whole production side of the EP too, so won't go into that too much now.  

It was very freeing working to a deadline, oddly enough. It eliminated the self doubt that comes with sitting on a track for ages before it's final release. I didn't have the time to really fixate on things that didn't matter, which enabled me to really bring out the ideas in my head, and bring them to life sonically.  

I'm very proud of this song, and I really hope you love it!:)

I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one below! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

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Can't wait till next weeks post?

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