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20: Week Two 

So it’s that time again, new blog post, new story and all that. Last week I started off 20 Weeks of in depth stories and content surrounding Lost Like Alice, and the journey through all of it. I started off with how I got into music, and all the different factors growing up, that I feel have had an impact on me as a songwriter. I spent the majority of my time as an 11 - 14 year old, gigging, writing and just fully embracing every opportunity I had to go and play live. As a kid this was such an amazing thing, but once I started to become a teenager, I grew tired of it and ended up drifting away from music slightly. It’s something I’ve always had in my life, but there was a time where I had stopped gigging, and swore that I only really wanted it as a hobby. It’s crazy now to think about that time because of how completely motivated I am now towards my music, but at one point I just wanted to be a kid and grew tired of gigging every weekend. That is something that I absolutely adore now but I didn’t then for some reason. I kept writing through that time, though for years I didn’t play any of the songs I’d been writing to anyone. It was solely just a hobby.  

I didn’t really get back into music properly until I was 18. I had applied for a place on a course at BIMM in Manchester, and had an audition which I was really nervous about, as I had to play these songs no one had ever heard before. It gave me this new lease of confidence, and though I ended up dropping out of the course after a few weeks, as it wasn’t really for me, I still took a lot away from it. I remember when I got back from the audition I just had this new energy, trying to start getting gigs again, something I hadn’t done for about three years. After emailing everyone I could think of I’d lined myself up with a string of gigs across wales and started playing in Manchester as much as I could. It was quite intense to avoid something for years, to then throw yourself in full force. I’d built up a collection of songs in that time and soon began to record, what I consider the first ‘Lost Like Alice’ project. It wasn’t called that yet but some of those songs, are still in my set today. My favourite song from that time is called ‘Heavy Strings’. It’s never left my set since I wrote it, and always seems to connect with people when I play it live. That EP was under my own name, and didn’t really do much with it once I had finished it. I put it out and sort of left it, moving on to what would become ‘Thread’. I couldn’t imagine my life without music now, but at one point that’s where I was at. I didn’t want to pursue anything, and just took a slight nudge to get me back on track with everything. That all lead into what is now ‘Lost Like Alice’, and the music I make today.  The EP was a five track acoustic project, of some pretty deep and poignant songs from that time. It’s only been heard by a handful of people which I think is a really special thing. These are after all the songs I started gigging after not playing for years.

I’m really enjoying diving in to how everything started and letting you know a little more! This week I’ve had another great studio session working on new stuff which I’m so excited about, and getting ready for a busy few weekends of gigs! Be sure to come out to one, check back here next Monday for another blog post!

20: Week One 

Since this blog has been going for a while now, every Monday letting you know about my week and all the current things in my life surrounding Lost Like Alice, I now want to mix things up a little. As you may know my last EP was called 20, which just so happens to be my age, and I thought it would be cool for the next 20 weeks, to really go in depth about 20 defining moments that has lead up to Lost Like Alice even starting. My music is very honest and I always write from what I know, almost like a slightly cryptic story about my life. I want to take that whole idea further and really let you in to all the behind the scenes moments, that are a big part of what Lost Like Alice is.  I of course will still let you know what I have been up to with shows, and everything else you might need to know, but with more of a main theme to each piece. Since I have sort of explained myself, lets give this a go! 

guess the obvious place to start, is how I got into music in the first place, which is a question I feel has a lot of different 
answers.  The obvious one would be that, on my 11th Birthday, my eldest brother gifted me his very first guitar, which is a squire Telecaster that I still own and adore. But I feel there’s a much earlier place to start. I grew up in Cheshire, my parents both working in and out of Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas for most of their lives. My Dad was around for the hay days of the Hacienda, which is an iconic venue that sadly no longer exists. The music in and out of my house was very much so, a direct result of the city of Manchester. My first real musical obsession was with The Smiths, and Morrissey. I remember pleading with my mum in our local HMV to buy me this DVD with all The Smiths/Morrisey’s music videos on. Luckily it’s a fight that I won and would watch it over and over and over. At a 
young age you don’t really notice moments like this, but can see the huge impact of how I have turned into the songwriter that I have. There’s a rather funny story that my parents have repeated over the years that really makes me laugh, but that I don’t remember because I was so young. As these Iconic Manchester bands and artists were a 
constant in our home, another huge one for me was Joy Division. Apparently I made my parents and my brother rather concerned, as I would go into a really dark room, sit on the floor and stay there for hours listening to unknown pleasures. If you’re not familiar with the album, it’s a bit dark for someone so young to be listening to in such a way. Apparently anyway. Both The Smiths and Joy Division are still such an important part of my life, so long after. I moved to Wales when I was about 9/10, and definitely think that living in Wales effects the way that I write. It’s quiet, with vast amounts of space, and I like to think that’s something I put into my songs. Songs like Headlights and Crooked Lines are a good example, really stripping everything back to what I’m trying to say, really minimal.

There has always been a guitar around in my house, but never thought about learning until I got that guitar on my 11th Birthday.  From that point I started playing as much as I could, spending hours a day learning, and was soon enough writing my own songs.  My parents were really involved in the local music scene in North Wales, putting on monthly events, getting artist all around Wales to be involved, and that gave me a platform to play what I’d been writing in my bedroom, and really work on my craft. By 12 I was a regular face to the local music scene, and now 8 years later, can see what a huge impact that had. That’s probably the most important way that I got into music, although there are other stories which are just as true, I feel that’s where everything started. I could go on and on about it but I think those are the important points.

I spent this weekend just been playing at Menai Food Festival. I had the best time, and to see thousands of people come out for a local event was insane! I’ve got some really cool events fast approaching that I’ll talk about soon! Stay posted! It’s been a busy week, few issues to sort out, loads of practicing and just getting ready for the rest of my summer shows! I’m back in the studio next week, one step closer to getting new music out to you! Check back next Monday!

Summer Festivals, time off and everything else 

It’s Sunday night again, well Monday to you, another week of interesting musical activities, another step closer to finishing new projects. I spent the last few days prepping for playing Holyhead Festival on Saturday. I’d had a few weeks off to focus on new stuff, so needed to really look at my set and get some decent practise in. It’s always an important thing. It’s not so bad when you’re gigging all the time but when there’s gaps between gigs, it’s always a good idea to brush up on things. It was my second year playing at the festival this year, and I had a great time! Had a great day just walking around seeing what was on, watching the parade and then doing my set. It’s great to see so many people come out for a local event, really shows community spirit at its best. I played a few new songs which always excites me, getting to see how people respond to them. 

My next show will be at Menai Food festival August 4th, which I can’t wait for! Food Festivals are always great fun, and a great place to walk around and try out some new things! I’ve never been to the Festival before so am really looking forward to seeing what’s there! Be sure to come down, sounds like a great day out! 

I spent the first half of my week just working in the garden, which is the best place to be when the suns out! It’s a nice change doing something non music related sometimes, but was buzzing to get back on the stage on Saturday! I’ve got some big gigs coming up later in August too, playing in Amlwch port for Gruffydd Wyn’s big thank you show on August 25th!  It’s a free event, so be sure to come and have a listen! It’s almost been a month now since ‘Innocent’ was released which seems a bit crazy. The support for the song has been amazing. Hearing it on stations in Australia, South Africa, France and all over the UK is a bizarre thing. Thanks everyone for the support and can’t wait to get some new music your way very soon!

Projects, Writing & Summer Season 

So its Sunday night while I’m writing this, the time of the week where I get to summarise my whole week and let you all know about it. It’s a cool thing to do every week, even when you think you might not have done something that interesting, when you write about it, it puts things into perspective. I started the week getting really stuck into new projects. It’s nice when I have a week or so gap between gigs, so that I’m able to really give all my attention to new music. Ryan and I released ‘Innocent’ about a week ago, the response of which has been incredible. I really enjoyed the way we collaborated on the song, and have been spending the past few days working on new projects.  I love really getting out of my comfort zone and creating music that might have seen foreign to me in the past. 

While all this has been going on, I’ve been spending the past few months whenever I have had the time, working on a brand new solo ‘Lost Like Alice’ project. I’ve been writing so much recently and the project keeps evolving with every new idea, and every new song that comes about.  It’s a complete mix of everything I’ve done before, with this more profound tone, and a real sense that this is the project I was supposed to make. I might get this every time I work on a new project, but that just shows how much I believe in what I am writing. My brother gave me this beautiful brown leather songbook, with Chinese symbols engraved on the front that he got from his honeymoon. I’ve been really laying down pages and ideas, and exploring every side of what this new project could be. 

I’ve also got some really exciting gigs coming up this year, some of which are yet to be announced but I promise there’s some big news coming! I’ll be playing at Menai Food Festival in August, as well as returning to Manchester Food and Drink Festival late September. It’s almost the time of year where we move out of summer, the summer festivals stop, and the food and drink and artisan festivals begin. It is just a completely different audience, which is awesome. Be sure to check where I’m playing and come out to a show!

Innocent: What A Weekend! 


This weekend has been a bit of an exciting one, getting Innocent out there into the world was the best feeling. The song is something both Ryan and me are extremely proud of, and to see it embraced in such a way means the absolute world! To everyone who’s listened, commented, sent us a message, thank you! This song has been a bit of a blessing, so much positivity towards it.  The first radio play of the song came from all the way over in Australia, a mind-blowing thing in itself. The song came together so naturally and quickly, form the point of creation, to getting it out to you, the listener. 

On Saturday I went to play at Castell Beat in Rhuddlan, which is always such a fun day out! I got to play ‘Innocent’ for the first time, which is a very cool thing. It’s always exciting playing new material, seeing people’s reactions, and getting a fresh take on it! I played it acoustically, which was very refreshing, really taking the lyrics in the song to a new meaning. I’ll be playing the song out all summer, and we are both working on getting out there to play it together. 

As ‘Innocent’ came out on Friday, we put together a music video that we hope you’ve all enjoyed! We wanted to really give people something to think about. It’s a little dark, and by no means your conventional music video. We wanted to really highlight the songs meaning, and create the perfect backdrop to the song. Everything in the video was filmed in one day, all on the Anglesey, really pushing the boundaries of a video, and created something we think is really exciting! 

As its now full swing into the summer season, we couldn’t have picked a better time to put out the song! Make it the sound track to your summer, play it as loud as you can, and share it with your friends! If you’ve enjoyed the song, reach out to us and let us know, we love hearing from people! We have some big news/big plans happening with the song that we’ll talk about really soon. Keep on listening x

Innocent: Out July 13th! 

So this week’s blog post is a really special one, as I’ve got something super exciting coming out on Friday with my friend/DJ, Ryan M Hughes. We’ve worked on a lot of projects together in the past, but the way this project came along was so refreshing, allowing us to create something, we are both deeply proud of. If you’ve been keeping up with mine or Ryan’s social media, or read this blog title, you’ll know that I’m talking about our brand new single ‘Innocent’, out Friday 13th July. 

I’ve wanted to do a collaboration project for a while now, but anything I’ve been proposed in the past, has never really fit. The way this song came about was, I was out one day getting coffee or something boring like that, and I got an email from Ryan of this instrumental track, just to get my thoughts on it. I played it in the car countless times on the way home and got so inspired by it. It was open enough musically for me to really visualise it and put my stamp on it. I went home and spent the next two days working on it, sending it back and forward with Ryan to get it right, and finalised the track within two days of hearing that first instrumental. It happened so off the cuff, I was able to really focus and write very quickly, to get out what I could hear in my head. 

The lyrics of the song are something that I’m very proud of. I’ve tried a few projects like this and can be hard to come up with ideas to fit an already designed structure. The ideas sort of just flowed so naturally, and instantly got into what I wanted to say. It’s a breathe of fresh air working on something that I wouldn’t of thought I’d be doing in the past, and see it come to life in such a way. Innocent, is a complete mix between my world of music, and Ryan’s. It’s a real collaboration in every sense. I listen to all kinds of music and am so happy to put all of that to use, and make something I probably wouldn’t of before. The response the song has been getting is incredible, and it isn’t even out yet!! 

I posted a little teaser the other day, which you may or may not have seen. The clip is of President JFK’S speech from 1962 about the moon landing. Such an iconic bit of history that obviously, I was not born for. But still. The reason for that will be made clear on Friday. But in the meantime you can watch the teaser here, and be sure to share away!

Covering Ground! 

This week has been another very productive one! I had another studio session on Friday which was brilliant, really got some ground covered on this new project. It’s been months and months in the making so far, but am really excited to show you what I’ve been up to! I listen to all kinds of music, and that’s what I want Lost Like Alice to be. I don’t want each project to be the same, but still keep the essence of who am I as a songwriter.  

The 20 EP was brilliant experience for me, because I’ve always had this dream of self producing a project, completely alone, and was amazing to see it embraced in such a way! I’m bringing what I learnt from making 20 into this new project, to create a completely different soundscape! I like not setting any dates or time limits with projects, because it’s such a freeing thing to just see where the music goes and not rush anything.  

On Sunday I headed up to Betws Y Coed to play at Connect Buddies again this year. It’s such a beautiful place to go to, and had the best time playing. My next gig is Castell Beat in Ruddlan on July 14th. It’s a great day out and I had a blast there last year! I’m staring to introduce some new songs into my set which is really exciting, always great to see how they go down. It’s a been while now writing this blog, every week not yet missing one! I feel it’s an important thing to be able to access and let’s you know week by week, what I’m up to! It’s sometimes a challenge getting it done as I often have busy weekends with gigs which is hard to balance, but it’s working so far! Got some really cool plans with the blog later in the year, stay posted! I also put out a live session for ‘Heavy Strings’, check it ou below!

Summer shows! 

So this week has been another busy/exciting one! On Friday I headed down to Chester to play at Commonhall Social as part of this years Chester Live. I had the best time playing, the audience interaction was brilliant and just makes a show really special! It’s a great feeling being able to play an hour set of nothing but your own songs, and see them embraced In such a way! There was a guy who came up started rapping on one of my songs which was such a cool experience, and something I won’t ever forget! Everyone loved it and really made a special moment! 

I’m off now till the start of July, where things really get exciting again! The month starts off with Buddies in Betws on July 1st, which is such a brilliant charity and if you’ve ever been to Betws Y coed, it’s such a beautiful place! I have plans to go back into the studio next week and get this new project one step closer to completion! You can’t rush these things but am so excited to get it out there! I like to really create something new each project I do, want to always see where else I can take the music rather than just repeating myself! I’m so excited for next month, the weathers been beautiful recently and puts everyone in a great mood! There’s nothing better than playing out in the sun to a bunch of happy people! Be sure to come out to a show very soon! It’s my favourite thing in the world to do, and is always great to see new faces!

Summer Season/Busy Weekends! 

So this weekend has been another busy one. I had two local gigs for a change which is a really cool thing, I’m usually traveling all over for shows, and was so nice to just head up the road to play! The start of gigs this summer has been so much fun so far. It’s been a lot of hard work but really buzzing about what’s going on over the next few months! 

I’ve been booking some more very cool shows behind the scenes that I’ll announce shortly, but it’s safe to say it’ll be one hell of a summer! I’ve already had some brilliant opportunities this year, and can’t wait to keep going all summer, work on new music and get the songs out to new people! I’ve got a little break now till my next gigs, starting on the 22nd in Chester and then things start to get very busy again! I love having so many incredible events to go play my songs to new faces!

I’ve been working really hard on new music recently, and have got some really exciting ideas that are coming along, to create a really interactive listening experience! I love working on the visual side of music, as I’m really into photography and like to combine that with my songs, acting as a perfect backdrop to the thought behind the lyrics. All will be revealed soon enough, but I like to give a little news each week on the blog about what I’m up to, just not too much yet! 

My favourite thing about the summer, is summer festivals! I’ve got some great ones lined up to play at this year and I can’t wait! You never know who’s going to come away really liking your music and that’s an awesome thing! If you’re about this summer, do make sure you head down to a gig, they are incredible fun and a great way to spend a day this summer! 

Lost Like Alice: Almost Two Years 


Since it’s been around two years since ‘Lost Like Alice’ started, I’ve been reflecting recently on all that’s happened in that time, and all the incredible opportunities I’ve been given. The main reason I’ve been thinking about all of it from the very being, is because the debut EP for the project ‘Thread’, has just turned a year old! It’s crazy how fast it’s all gone, but am still so incredibly proud of that EP. Before ‘Thread’, all I’d ever done musically, was that of a typical acoustic singer songwriter. It was the first time I really started to explore musically, and create the ever evolving sound that is ‘Lost Like Alice’.  

For as long as I have been making music, I’ve always wanted to create a project that is a combination of all the music that I listen to. I adore heavy rock, blues, and of course the more delicate heartfelt songs. With ‘Thread’ I was really able to put all of that into my songwriting and massively changed the way I look at the songs, and being an overall musician. I think the songs that really sum it up for me on that EP, are Empty Tank and I Won’t Wait. Both playing into the opposite sides of blues music, both with the transparent heartfelt lyricism that I feel has become a trait of mine as a songwriter, but still worlds apart. I then went on to create complete opposite to ‘Thread’, and decided to self produce ‘20’.

The idea behind 20, was that I wanted to create a project that really gave the audience a taste of how I play live. I’d just put out this big full band project, and knew that the perfect companion for that was to strip everything back, and see the limits I could push, with such limited boundaries. I think this idea also found in the lyrics of songs such as ‘Headlights’, which is all about living within limitations. Both EPs are bodies of work that I put so much into, and completely sum up what ‘Lost Like Alice’ can be. It’s about really exploring and evolving with each project that I do, and seeing where the music takes me next.  

With this line of conversation, I’m sure it’s propped up the question of “so what are you doing next?” If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen little hints and the odd commentary about being fully into  a brand new recording project. It’s something that I feel combines both ‘Thread’ and ‘20’, but with a sound that is new and exciting! Really pushing the songwriting, seeing the production as an instrument and  am beyond exciting to share more! But easy does it. No one likes spoilers. I’ve been working with Paul Demarco again on this EP, who produced ‘Thread’. I then went on to self produce ‘20’ which taught me so much, and has given us so many more skills to take into this new project!


Lost Like Alice

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP '20' on March 2nd. '20' offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of song writing, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben's progressive look on personal circumstances paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, '20' offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six part production resulting in professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says:
'20' is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as person. It's me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I'm incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self produced, and was such a refreshing experience.
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I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

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