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Summer Season/Busy Weekends! 

So this weekend has been another busy one. I had two local gigs for a change which is a really cool thing, I’m usually traveling all over for shows, and was so nice to just head up the road to play! The start of gigs this summer has been so much fun so far. It’s been a lot of hard work but really buzzing about what’s going on over the next few months! 

I’ve been booking some more very cool shows behind the scenes that I’ll announce shortly, but it’s safe to say it’ll be one hell of a summer! I’ve already had some brilliant opportunities this year, and can’t wait to keep going all summer, work on new music and get the songs out to new people! I’ve got a little break now till my next gigs, starting on the 22nd in Chester and then things start to get very busy again! I love having so many incredible events to go play my songs to new faces!

I’ve been working really hard on new music recently, and have got some really exciting ideas that are coming along, to create a really interactive listening experience! I love working on the visual side of music, as I’m really into photography and like to combine that with my songs, acting as a perfect backdrop to the thought behind the lyrics. All will be revealed soon enough, but I like to give a little news each week on the blog about what I’m up to, just not too much yet! 

My favourite thing about the summer, is summer festivals! I’ve got some great ones lined up to play at this year and I can’t wait! You never know who’s going to come away really liking your music and that’s an awesome thing! If you’re about this summer, do make sure you head down to a gig, they are incredible fun and a great way to spend a day this summer! 

Lost Like Alice: Almost Two Years 


Since it’s been around two years since ‘Lost Like Alice’ started, I’ve been reflecting recently on all that’s happened in that time, and all the incredible opportunities I’ve been given. The main reason I’ve been thinking about all of it from the very being, is because the debut EP for the project ‘Thread’, has just turned a year old! It’s crazy how fast it’s all gone, but am still so incredibly proud of that EP. Before ‘Thread’, all I’d ever done musically, was that of a typical acoustic singer songwriter. It was the first time I really started to explore musically, and create the ever evolving sound that is ‘Lost Like Alice’.  

For as long as I have been making music, I’ve always wanted to create a project that is a combination of all the music that I listen to. I adore heavy rock, blues, and of course the more delicate heartfelt songs. With ‘Thread’ I was really able to put all of that into my songwriting and massively changed the way I look at the songs, and being an overall musician. I think the songs that really sum it up for me on that EP, are Empty Tank and I Won’t Wait. Both playing into the opposite sides of blues music, both with the transparent heartfelt lyricism that I feel has become a trait of mine as a songwriter, but still worlds apart. I then went on to create complete opposite to ‘Thread’, and decided to self produce ‘20’.

The idea behind 20, was that I wanted to create a project that really gave the audience a taste of how I play live. I’d just put out this big full band project, and knew that the perfect companion for that was to strip everything back, and see the limits I could push, with such limited boundaries. I think this idea also found in the lyrics of songs such as ‘Headlights’, which is all about living within limitations. Both EPs are bodies of work that I put so much into, and completely sum up what ‘Lost Like Alice’ can be. It’s about really exploring and evolving with each project that I do, and seeing where the music takes me next.  

With this line of conversation, I’m sure it’s propped up the question of “so what are you doing next?” If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen little hints and the odd commentary about being fully into  a brand new recording project. It’s something that I feel combines both ‘Thread’ and ‘20’, but with a sound that is new and exciting! Really pushing the songwriting, seeing the production as an instrument and  am beyond exciting to share more! But easy does it. No one likes spoilers. I’ve been working with Paul Demarco again on this EP, who produced ‘Thread’. I then went on to self produce ‘20’ which taught me so much, and has given us so many more skills to take into this new project!

It’s festival season! 

After another very busy/very fun weekend, I am now concentrating on the rest of the shows coming up this summer, as well as finishing recording projects that are in the works! On Saturday I went down to Dolphinholme in Lancashire, to play at Down by the riverside festival! I had such a great time there, with such a warm welcome, and interactive audience, it was a pleasure!  

I then went on to Chester In the evening to play at the opening Event for Chester Live! I’m playing at two events this year for Chester Live, which is such a brilliant festival in numerous venues all over chester! I’m playing two events this year at the festival, the first on the 22nd, and then at the Chester Live street festival on the 24th! 

After a busy few weeks gigging, I’m really excited to get back into the studio to keep working on some new music for you all! The response to the 20 EP was so overwhelming, having something which was completely self produced on such minimal gear, be embraced in such a way means the world! I’m still getting notifications that the songs are still getting radio play all over the world which is a mind blowing thing! I’m looking forward to sharing something completely different with you all, really exploring every aspect of what Lost Like Alice can be!  

I say this at the end of every blog, but do come along to a gig this summer! They are such a great laugh, and a great way to support your local venue! I love seeing new faces come out to see me play, and can’t wait to keep playing my music to new faces all summer! I apologise for the very brief blog this week, be just been very caught up with gigs, and placing new projects that I haven’t had much time! I still always make the point to make sure I get the Monday blog done, as I find it’s a great way to communicate with you all, and share exactly what I’m up to! Also if you haven’t already check out the video I made with Ryan on my latest visit to play in Manchester!


What a weekend! 

So it’s been a very busy/very fun couple of days for me, I’ve had a blast! On Thursday I went down to Manchester to support Fruit and Flowers, at the Eagle Inn in Salford. It was such a brilliant experience, such a warm welcome and attentive audience which is such a beautiful thing. I always love playing in Manchester, it just feels like home. I had the best evening and can’t wait to return soon! I took Ryan down to the show with me, to film the day and show you what I get up to on the road! Have a watch below! 

On Saturday I was then invited to play at Pie Records in North Wales, which was such great fun! It’s such a brilliant venue, really interactive and a great experience to visit! I’m really enjoying being so busy with gigs at the minute, I’ve had some of my favourite memories from gigs this year and can’t wait to keep doing the same all summer! Next weekend is another busy one, I’m off play at Down By The Riverside Festival in Lancashire in the afternoon, then off to play the opening event for Chester live in the evening! It’s going to be such a fun day and I seriously can’t wait! I’m lucky enough to have three different shows as part of Chester Live this year which I’m super excited for! 

I’m actively working on new music and have something very special coming up, which I’m so proud of and can’t wait to get it all finished! Ive been playing a load of new stuff live, as well as songs from the 20, and Thread EP’s. It’s a great way to test out new material, and give people an exclusive listen of a brand new track! I got to do a full hour set on Saturday, really gives me the chance to showcase my songs and really get to know the audience! Be sure to come down to a gig this summer, they are incredible fun and I love to see new faces!

Heavy into new projects and gigs! 

So it’s Monday again, (well technically Sunday because I wrote this last night), so that means it’s time for a new blog post! My main goal with this blog, is to provide a very up to date view on everything that I’m up to, and to give you a little more insight into everything that is Lost Like Alice! 

Last weekend I headed down to Focus Wales and had the best time! It’s such a brilliant event, scattered all across the city of Wrexham, bringing people together to share in their love for music. It’s such a brilliant thing to be a part of, and hope to return next year with some new music for you all! My next gig is this Thursday, where I’ll be heading back down to Manchester to play at The Eagle Inn in Salford. I love going to Manchester to do a show, it’s just one of my favourite places to be! The last time I was in Manchester, I played at Manchester Academy, which was such a brilliant experience! There’s still some tickets left for the show this Thursday, be great to see you there!  

My next gig after that, is on June 1st where I’ll be playing at Down By The Riverside Festival in Lancashire. I love being a part of festivals, it’s such a great way to spend a few days in the summer, and as an artist is brilliant to meet so many new people!  

If you’ve been keeping up to date with me on social media, you’ll have seen that I’ve been bringing my friend Ryan, who’s a radio presenter and DJ, to a few of my shows to give you a look at what goes into gigging! He’ll be coming with me again to these next two shows, so will have some great video content to follow these dates! I try to be as transparent as I can be, with the blog, these videos, and the honesty in my songs. I like to show all that I’m up to, to the people who support what I do!  

I’m currently heavily into a new recording project which I’m crazy excited about! I always wanted to have a project that emulates what I do live, and that’s exactly what 20 is! With this next project I’m really pushing the boundaries, creating a huge soundscape to express the lyrics in the songs. I can’t wait to share more, but at the meantime turn up to a show and you might hear a few of the new songs! Check out mine and Ryan’s experience of being at Focus Wales below!

Focus Wales, Prom Xtra! 

It’s been a brilliant couple of days, really getting into the busy gig schedule, and getting started with this years festival season! On Saturday I had two shows, the first at Prom Xtra in Colwyn Bay, which was brilliant fun, really great interaction with the crowd! I then went on to Wrexham to play at Focus Wales, which was such a brilliant experience! Over the past few days I’ve been working with my friend Ryan Hughes, who is a broadcaster, dj and all round music lover! We’ve teamed up to create a series of videos, really showing all that goes into gigs, including interviews, live performances and everything else!  

Focus Wales is a festival I wanted to play at for a long time, and was buzzing to be a part of it! I had the best time playing my songs, to a room of music lovers, who really got involved! I love interacting with people, it’s the greatest part about these things, each gig is completely different and special in its own way! I spent the past month really taking some time to myself after working so hard getting out the 20 EP, and all the things that go into a new release, and felt really good to start things off again with such a bang! My next gig is at the Eagle Inn in Salford, tickets are still available for if you want to come along! There is currently two videos of the project out right now, so you can really get stuck in! We filmed the whole day on Saturday, and am made up with how it’s all turned out! I could talk about all the things that went on, that made it such a special day, but I’ll just let you see for yourself! I hope you enjoy:)

Gigs, new projects, and everything else  

So this week, I’ve been in full blown rehearsal mode, getting ready for a big week. I’m so excited to be getting started with the festival season, and have some incredible events coming up that I’m buzzing about! I’m also quietly working on new music which is something I feel is a big change for me as a songwriter, and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Got a tonne of new tracks I’ve been working on in the studio and stupidly excited to get it all finished! 

On Saturday I’ll be heading up to Colwyn Bay to play Prom Xtra in the afternoon, then shooting off to Focus Wales in the evening. It’s great to be fully back in the swing of things, it’s always good to be busy. Focus wales is a festival I’ve wanted to play at for a long time. They put together such a great lineup of incredible artists, and I’m really excited to be a part of that!  

A few days ago I had my first radio play over in France, which is a crazy thing to get my head around. I’ve been really fortunate with this EP, having had 40 different stations around the UK, Australia, Canada, and now France supporting the EP which means the absolute world. ‘20’ is a project that was completely self produced, made with the simplest recording set up, and am blown away by how it’s been received! I am now just really excited to do new stuff, that you might not expect from ‘Lost Like Alice’, and keep changing and evolving!  

The first EP for ‘Lost Like Alice’ which is called ‘Thread’, came out in June last year, and is almost a year old! It’s so mad to think, it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s also a really rewarding feeling knowing the songs from that EP are still being heard! I got a notification the other day saying that ‘I Won’t Wait’ was being played over in Australia which is such a cool thing!  

Make sure you come out to a show this summer, festival season is my favourite time of year and is always great to see new faces at events! Check out my upcoming gigs on my shows page! I’m heading off to Manchester on the 24th May, to play at the Eagle Inn in Salford! Be sure to get your tickets, it’ll be a hell of a night! I spent the whole of April just taking a break, and working on writing new material. It’s important to take a breather sometimes, and am now ready to start getting these songs out to new people at shows!

Sunshine, new projects & a new music video! 

So this past week has been really fun, there’s been great weather here on Anglesey over the past few days, and have been making the most of it, going out and taking pictures. When I’m not out playing shows, i love to just take a step back to reflect, and think about everything coming up! I to Cemlyn the other morning to take some photos, as it was such a gorgeous day! You can find these pictures and loads more on my photography page!  

On Friday, I put out the new music video for ‘One Last Time’. The song is taken from my EP ‘20’, and is one of my favourites. It’s a song I’ve had for a long time, and when ‘20’ came along as a project, I knew it was the right home for it. The video was taken a few weeks ago, when I went down to Norfolk for a week. I had such a brilliant time there, and am so pleased that I was able to get some great footage to really bring out the lyrics in the song!  

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been back in the studio working on new material. The video for ‘One Last Time’ will be the last from ‘20’, as I feel it’s done it’s job as an EP, and even now almost two months after released, new people are still finding it which is such a brilliant thing! Before I recorded ‘20’, I had started a project which was this big full band, upbeat, bluesy project. I put that project on hold to do ‘20’, and am now working on those songs, as well as some brand new ones, for my next release. I love reinventing myself with each project, and this next one is definitely that! Can’t wait to share more about it! My next gig is at The Royal Oak in Wrexham on May 12th for Focus Wales, do come along, be great to see you! Check out the ‘One Last Time’ video below!


Merch, new projects and back in the studio  

So, there’s lot of things I have to talk about this week, of which I’m very excited! Firstly, I’ve been working on a tonne of new merch to have at all my gigs! First available, will be these T-shirts! I’ve been asked a lot about getting some more merch together for shows, so here you go! Just pop down to a gig and get yours! I wanted to keep them real simple, as well as being really striking and am made up with how they’ve turned out! I’ll be updating the designs regularly so you know you are getting the limited edition experience! Check them out below!

This past Friday, I had my first studio session in Months, after getting the ‘20’ EP out, it’s been amazing to start working on new stuff, as well finishing unfinished projects! Twenty as an EP was a very important thing for me to do, as I wanted to create something close to how I play live. I feel that’s something I have achieved and am so proud every time I hear it! My next project is completely different to that, as I like to keep things fresh and there is no point in repeating myself! I’ll let you all know a little more very soon!  

I’ve had a brilliant past month, just writing new material, planning gigs in the summer, and getting away for a week! I’m buzzing now to get going with gigs next month, starting off with a bang on May 12th, playing at Prom Xtra, and Focus Wales! Focus Wales is a Festival I’ve wanted to play at for a long time and so excited to be heading over to play my songs there this year!  

Back in February, I played in Manchester Academy supporting Blank Cheque. I always love doing Manchester shows, as it feels like a second home! My next Manchester show will be on May 24th at the Eagle Inn in Salford, supporting New York based band, Fruit & Flowers! There’s limited tickets for this, and looks to be a night to remember! See you there! Check my shows page and get your tickets!

If you’ve been reading this blog each week, you’ll know that I was down in Norfolk for a week, and have been talking about all the video footage I got while down there. Very shortly, I’ll be putting out the video for ‘One Last Time’, which is taken from my latest EP ‘20’. It’s a song that means so much to me. The video is a collection of footage, exploring Norfolk, heading to Cromer, and the city of Norwich. It lets the lyrics speak out, really going with the beautiful surroundings. You can find a short teaser for the video here!

Gearing up for festival season  

I have spent the last week in Norfolk, and have loved every minute of it! It’s been a dream! Getting to really take in the surroundings, and to top it all off, got to see my brother get married! I have never been before, and spent the week just taking it all in.

I’ve been taking so much footage since I’ve been here and can’t wait to see what it turns into! That’s the great thing about these things, you have no idea what can come of it. I went down to Cromer on Tuesday, which was a brilliant experience, and a great place to do some filming! I’ve been staying in this beautiful farm house, which is surrounded by miles of fields, ponds and forests. I’ve been running around like a mad man trying to get as much footage of it all as I could! 

It’s been so peaceful down there, and am now ready to really get stuck in, to the festival season! I’ve been crazily writing recently, and can’t wait to test them out live! My next show will be on May 12th, where I’ll be playing at Prom Xtra In the afternoon, and Focus Wales In the evening. I’ve been looking forward to festival season for a while and have some incredible opportunities coming up! Let’s hope for great weather! It’s always a great thing for me to do festivals, as you never know who you might run into, and is great way to find out about new music.

As you’re reading this I’ll be in a car on my way back to Anglesey, thinking about what a week it’s been! I’ve got a bunch of videos to go through and edit when I’m home, and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Got some big gigs next month, be sure to get yourselves down to one! On May 24th I’ll be playing in The Eagle inn, in Salford, supporting American band ‘Fruit & Flowers’.

It’s been such a great thing be able to just relax, and reflect on the year I’ve had so far, and what’s left to come! I’ve been a bit overloaded with stuff to get ready, and being away for a week was exactly what I needed! The next big thing for me now, is to start recording again, and get all these songs I’ve been writing out there! I feel it’s most autobiographical, and honest material I’ve ever had, and can’t wait to do something completely different for this new project! 


Lost Like Alice

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP '20' on March 2nd. '20' offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of song writing, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben's progressive look on personal circumstances paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, '20' offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six part production resulting in professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says:
'20' is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as person. It's me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I'm incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self produced, and was such a refreshing experience.
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I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

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