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20: Week 11 

Greetings and all that! While you’re reading this, I’ll be off in the sun in Portugal, probably getting badly sun burnt. I wanted to write this before my holiday so I could make sure it gets done and is a lot easier to sort out. As this is a post written in advance, I obviously can’t write about what’s going on at the minute or it’ll be the same post as last week! Instead I’m going to base it on my favourite shows this year so far, and whatever random thoughts come to mind!  I started the year off playing one of my favourite shows I have ever done. I was lucky enough to play at Manchester Academy supporting Blank Cheque. I was completely shocked when I got asked to play, as it’s such a brilliant venue that’s hosted so many of my favourite artists. It was a crazy experience, being in the back stage where god knows what amazing artists have been. It was honestly a dream. It was something I really rehearsed my arse off for, as it was such a big deal. I had just put out ‘Crooked Lines’ and finished my set with it. The response to the song, and the rest of my set was so overwhelming! Definitely not something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon!  Another really memorable show was in the summer, when I travelled down to Lancashire to play at Down By The Riverside! A magical little festival in such a beautiful setting! My stage was set up In front of this really cool caravan inside a tent. I know that sounds a little odd but check out the photo above, it was really awesome! I was worried before I started, as at festivals there is so much going on at one time, you can’t guarantee you’ll have a good audience. Thankfully a swarm of people turned up to listen! Festivals are always great fun as everyone’s in a great mood, meaning great audience interaction! I love communicating with new people who’ve never heard my music before, you never know what’s going to happen. One of the funniest example of this was at a show I did in Kimnel Bay, where I was asking the audience for name suggestions of a new song, and one response I got was “ call it song face”. You never know what’s going to happen and it’s such great fun!  The last one I’ll mention is actually two gigs. Back in May I went to Colwyn Bay to play at Prom Xtra, a brilliant community event on the Colwyn Bay sea front. Filled with fair ground rides, food stalls, and thousands of happy people out on the beach! It was such a fun set, I felt so relaxed with the crowd and I believe was holding up my hair trying to look like Elvis at one point. This was such a fun day, as after my set I headed straight to Wrexham to play at Focus Wales for the first time! It’s a festival I’d wanted to be a part of for years, and was honoured to be invited. During the festival, Wrexham becomes this brilliant community of musicians, industry people, and music lovers! My set was at the Royal Oak, and I had a blast! There was a woman who brought along a maraca and started joining in on my set! I love things like this, it’s awesome to be able to play music with complete strangers, and have them enjoy what I do!  

20: Week 10 

Happy Monday! As I’m writing this, it is currently Friday, and I am getting ready for a holiday to Portugal on Tuesday. I wanted to get all my blog posts covered for when I’m away so that I don't have to worry about sorting it whilst over there. It’s been such a busy year, so full on with gigs, and I cannot wait to have ten days of just chilling. I’ve spent most of the year recording, and working on new projects, that I’m hoping to complete once I’m back. It feels like forever since i put out 20, and want to get a brand new exciting set of songs for you dive into really soon! As summers now officially over, Im looking forward to the winter season, and have some really exciting gig opportunities that I’ll share with you very soon! My next show is Gwledd Conwy Feast on October 27th, followed by Glyn Fest on November 2nd & Oxjam Manchester on November 3rd. It may be slightly colder, but there’s still tonnes of exciting things happening! I’ve recently started adding a bunch of new songs to my set, so be sure to come out and have a listen!  My next priority is to get a brand new single out over the next few months! It’s such a huge shift from anything I’ve ever done before, and am really excited to share it with you! Expect huge sounds, crazy production, and a whole new set of exciting songs! I’m in the process of planning for next year now, and want to be ridiculously busy with shows all year! It’s been such a solid year of gigs that I just want to top it next year! Any events you might have, be sure to get in touch and we can work something out! I’ve been loving playing at food festivals recently, and want to do a lot more of that next year! It’s just such a fun event to go to! Great food, great beer, great times! I’m starting the year off with a bang, as I am in talks of doing an international show to start the year off! I will shed light on this closer to the time, but its all crazy exciting!  I’ll be back from my holiday on the 19th, in full swing with gigs, recording, and getting fully stuck in! It’s always good to have a break, I’ve worked so hard all year, that it'll be nice to just take a breather, reflect on the year thats been, and what’s yet to come! I’m going to be going more in depth again on my blog starting in November, that was the main plan for the ’20 Weeks of Lost Like Alice’ but there has been so much going on I had to fill you in on. If there’s any specific things you’d like to know more about, feel free to get in touch!

20: Week Nine 

It’s been a really exciting couple of days here at ‘Lost Like Alice’. On Friday I went down to Manchester to spend a night with my family, before Saturday’s big gig! I played two sets at Manchester Food & Drink Festival and I had the best time! Such a great atmosphere and a great response to my music! I was lucky enough to play two sets on the main stage, really giving me the chance to work on my set and get some new songs out there! To everyone who had a dance, said some nice words, or just listened, thank you! It’s one of my favourite events to come to and just gets better every year! I’ve not done a show in a few weeks, so was brilliant to get back into shows in such a way! I’m now looking forward to October, as I’m going to Portugal for a week, and looking forward to shows later in the month! When I’m back from my holiday, I’ll be playing at Conwy Feast again this year on October 27th! A great local food festival that I adore playing at!  

I’ve been speaking about new music a lot here on this blog, as I’m heavy into recording a new project, and cannot wait to get some new tunes out to you! ‘20’ as an EP has given me so many incredible opportunities this year, and I cannot wait to start again with a brand new outlook on the music I make! I’ve been making big plans for the new music, that I cannot wait to bring you in on! It’s a whole new sound for me, and I’m absolutely buzzing about it! I’ll be dropping a brand new single very soon so be sure to look out for it! I played a few new songs taken from my new project for the first time on Saturday, and was amazing to see them get such a warm response! As a songwriter, it’s the best way to test out new material, at the end of the day music is for the people! Once I’m back from holiday I’ll be starting to tie off this new project, and start to think about it’s arrival!  This blog has been going for quite a while now, and I’m very proud of how I’ve been able to stick to something without fail every week! I really enjoy writing these posts every Sunday night before posting on Monday, and I really hope you enjoy them too! If there’s anything you wish to know about, feel free to get in touch and I’ll shed some light on it! 


20: Week Eight 

It’s Sunday night while I’m writing this, Monday while you’re reading it, and I’m sat down trying to articulate all the interesting things from my week! The world of ‘Lost Like Alice’ is set to change very soon, as I get closer and closer to completing a project that I feel I was made to create. It’s a brand new approach to music that I had never before explored, and have been lost in these new sounds for months, seeing where they want to go! I’ve been a bit quiet on gigs for the past few weeks, trying to get a brand new song finished to put out to you very soon! The whole vibe of this project is everything I had ever wanted to create, and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Speaking of gigs, I have a really exciting one coming up on Saturday! I’m playing two sets at Manchester Food & Drink Festival and I cannot wait! It’s always great fun to play in Manchester, as I get to see family and friends, and is just always a load of fun! I played last year, and I can’t wait to take to the main stage this year! I’m heading down on the Friday to have an evening with my family before Saturdays big gig.  

The week after I’m heading off to Portugal for a week which I cannot wait for! I have no plans for shows at the start October as I wanted to keep it clear to take some time off, and get a new single ready to get out! It’s annoying as I would love to share everything instantly, but it’ll be worth the wait I promise! Summer is basically over, the nights are colder, but there’s still exciting stuff round the corner! On October 27th I will be returning to Conwy Feast! I had a blast last year, and is one of my favourite winter events! It’s always cool to do shows in North Wales, especially really cool ones such as this! Then I’m heading up to Colwyn Bay for Glyn Fest on November 2nd, and playing at Oxjam Manchester on November 3rd! I’m going to be hitting gigs hard again over the last few months of the year, getting ready for a big new year! Lots of great shows, tonnes of new music, and a whale of a good time!  

I’ve been doing a lot of planning recently about my new music, seeing where it can go and how best to approach its arrival. It’s important to plan these things as there’s a lot of work that goes into projects, that it needs the same amount of work to insure it lands smoothly. I really enjoy that part as it’s super creative and really gives you something to be proud of! The last EP was played all over the world, let’s go for bigger this time! To everyone who has bought a CD in the past, told me how much they liked my music or come out to see me at a show, thank you! It’s honestly why I do what I do, and can’t wait to bring new tunes straight to you! 

20: Week Seven 

Happy Monday and all that, this weeks blog is a pretty cool one, as I have just shared a little teaser about my new project! I’ve been really secretive about the whole thing, as I’ve been so caught up in seeing where it can go, and I cannot wait for you to hear it! If you have caught a listen of the little teaser I put out, you may have guessed that I have a new single coming up! It’s a song that came across so naturally and am buzzing with how it’s shaping up! There’s still some work to do on it, but will be with you very shortly! I’ve spent the week discussing the project with Paul deMarco, who is producing this new sound for ‘Lost Like Alice, and am blown away by what we’ve been able to create. I’m in the process of finalising the song, finishing artwork, and all that beautiful stuff! I wanted to create the complete opposite of ‘20’, with this huge soundscape! I can’t wait to fully spill the beans, but for now just hold on new music is coming!  

I’ve had a few lovely weeks away from gigs to work on the project, take time away for my 21st, and generally just have a break. My next show will be at Manchester Food & Drink Festival where I’m playing two sets on the main stage! I played the Fever Tree stage last year, and so happy to be moving up to the main stage! There’s so much to see, make sure you come out! When I started this ‘20’ weeks of Lost Like Alice, I intended to make each post about a detailed subject in the history of Lost Like Alice, but there’s so much going on at the minute that I need to fill you in on, so that’s become the priority for now. I’m starting to integrate the new songs into my set which is so exciting, as I get see people’s reaction to songs that have only hit my ears. It’s a great way to test out new material, and is brilliant to share with a live audience! It’s basically the end of summer, which is always sad, but I’ve had a such a brilliant summer of shows that I can’t be too down about it! The opportunities I’ve had are incredible and can’t wait to move into winter with more exciting shows! If you haven’t yet heard the teaser I put out, have a listen here!

20: Week Six 

So you’ve probably got the theme by now, it’s Monday so that means another blog post! It’s a bit of an interesting one, as the majority of the week has been some what non music related. It’s nice to take a break sometimes, and come back feeling fresh for new things! It was my 21st on Wednesday so I have been down in abersoch for the weekend! It’s such a beautiful place to come to, always reminds me of being a kid, when I’d go down every summer with my family. This summer has been so full on, its been lovely to have a weekend of nothing but enjoying the last remaining parts of it!  

Though I’ve been away, progress on the new project is still being made! I got some brand new mixes sent through the other day, which is always an exciting thing. Hearing the songs come to life bit by bit, is such a rewarding process. The songs are all taken from the past year, as I’ve been constantly finding new things to write about, and exploring new ways to approach the songs. I’m heading back today, and intend to go full speed into this new project, to get some new songs out as soon as possible! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve put out a new song, and can’t wait to fill you in on what I’ve been up to! It’s hard with this blog sometimes as I just want to tell you everything that’s going on, what the albums going to be like and all that beautiful stuff,  but I feel like the wait will be worth it! I’m trying to keep a balance of creating intrigue, without any spoilers!  

When I’m home I’m going to start restructuring my set, and gearing up for my two slots at Manchester Food & Drink Festival on the 29th! It’s always a pleasure to go to play in Manchester, as it’s like a second home! I had a whale of a time last year and can’t wait to take to the main stage this year! It’s a free event so if you’re in the area make sure you come down. There’s so many brilliant stalls around, a great selection of musical acts, and plenty of gin I believe! See you then!

20: Week Five 

It’s been another musical week, tonnes of new things to give you some insight on, another load of random thoughts that fall into my keyboard, it must be Monday! It’s an odd/cool thing to do every week, looking back and analysing everything I’ve done. It’s a good way of keeping things on track and reflecting on the positives. I’ve been gigging solidly all summer, which has been the greatest thing, I’ve had so many incredible opportunities, and am now ready for the last few shows of the summer season. I’ve been promoting the 20 EP through shows since March, and am now ready to get this new project finished, to start playing some brand new material! It’s a big leap from anything I’ve ever done before and am crazy excited about it! I self produced 20 as it was something I have always wanted to do, but have been working with producer Paul deMarco again on this new project, and the sound is huge. I can’t wait to share more!  

On Saturday I played at Beaumaris Food Festival and had the best time! Food Festivals are one of my favourite types of events, so many different faces, so many cool stalls to visit after my set! It’s always a cool thing for me to do shows on Anglesey, as I spent most of this year and last year travelling away for gigs. It’s nice to go to places I would usually just visit for a day out, to play my songs to new people! It started raining before my set, but that didn’t stop everyone coming out and enjoying themselves! The response was awesome and hope to return next year! I’m playing at Manchester Food & Drink Festival at the end of the month, a brilliant event in the city and I can’t wait! Last year was so much fun, and am lucky enough to have two slots this year!  

September is always a cool time as it’s a great time for festivals, and also happens to be when I have my birthday! I’m going away for a few days next week, and can’t wait to just take a breather, plan this new project and get some more recording done! Each week I talk about this new project and you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about, but bare with me, there will be some really exciting new music coming out very soon! Stay tuned!

20: Week Four 

Got loads of stuff to talk about this week, tonnes of exciting stuff happening! The last few weeks I’ve been diving back into the history of Lost Like Alice, apart from last week where I gave more insight into everything that’s going on now. The back story to everything is a really important topic, because it’s how I started. The only thing is, there’s so much going on at the minute that I want to go more in depth with that, and keep you updated. Starting off, probably good to tell you about this weekends gig!

On Saturday I had what was probably my favourite gig this summer. I played Gruffydd Wyn’s big thank you concert in Amlwch Port, and was blown away by the sense of community down there. Thousands came down to support him, and was so happy to be able to be a part of it. Playing a local gig, with such a brilliant reception is hard to beat. I had the best time! Got to play some new songs, really work on my set, and got out  on stage feeling really fresh ready for the gig!  It’s a gig I’ll remember for a long time, and am still buzzing about it! Since I do a lot of gigs, it’s always refreshing turning up with a brand new set, and helps to keep me on my toes. I’m so pleased with how it all went, the audience interraction was incredible! Thanks to everyone who listened, and got involved!

It’s getting very close to the end of festival season, which is always sad, but I still have some brilliant events coming up! My next show will be at Beaumaris Food Festival, a great day out for everyone, and I cannot wait to see some new faces! I’m also returning to Manchester Food & Drink Festival this year, playing two sets on September 29th! Food festivals are always brilliant fun, great food, great drinks, and hopefully great music! I’ve been out gigging solidly all summer, whilst quietly working on a new project which is nearing completion. I can’t wait to get some new material out to you, and start planning for next year! There’s some big projects coming from me very soon, and am over the moon with how it’s all turning out! Keep an eye out!

20: Week Three 

It’s Sunday night again while I’m writing this, another busy week, another new show to talk about, a bunch of new things in the works. It’s starting to be the end of Festival season, and has left me reflecting on the year I’ve had so far with shows, though it isn’t over yet! Next week I’m playing at Gruffydd Wyn’s big thank you concert in Amlwch Port. It’s to show his appreciation for the community supporting him during his time on Britain’s Got Talent. There’s loads of great acts playing also, and it’s free entry! Not one to miss!  

Since the last two blog posts have been very much themed to one main subject, this one will be no different! There’s a lot of moments I can write about in the Three or so years since I started ‘Lost Like Alice’, but I want to base this blog on what’s going on with ‘Lost Like Alice’ now. Well I’ll get to what I’m doing now anyways!  

As you might know, I put out my last EP ‘20’ in March, a really stripped back project that I’m incredibly proud of. That was not the plan for the second EP at the start. I had just put out ‘Thread’, and had been writing a lot, during the time I was finalising everything. Within a month of its release I had started a brand new project, big guitars, big sound, not unlike ‘Thread’. I’d tracked about 5/6 songs, when I started writing these really laid back acoustic songs. I stopped everything I was doing and started self recording these songs, and put all my energy into that. Those songs became ‘20’. It was actually one of the best decisions I’ve made musically. Had I carried on, I may have ended up with something rushed, not a project that I wanted to follow ‘Thread’. I felt so inspired with ‘20’, that I had to see it through.  

It gave me time to really concentrate on writing, leading on to the project I’m working on now. It’s by far the most excited I’ve ever been with a project, though I am in no rush. I want to really explore every corner of this thing, to really push boundaries of the EPs I have made in the past. It feels like something I was meant to make, and I’m so proud of the songs and how they are shaping up. I’ve been working on it since the start of the year, and am covering great ground, going in to do a session whenever I have some free time from gigs. That’s probably as much as I can say at the minute because I want it to be a big surprise when it arrives. Until then, make sure you come down to a show and you might hear some new songs. The first few parts of this blog series, were all about how ‘Lost Like Alice’ started, but I’m more excited about what’s going on now. I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities to play my songs this summer, and will continue to do so! Yesterday I played at Sunny Fest at Sunny Vale Caravan Park, and had the best time. Its set in such an ideal location, I could see nothing but the crowd, and waves in the background while I was singing. Such a beautiful experience. I intend to take a few weeks off in October to really focus on recording, and see where I can take the project, returning to play shows in November.  I am sure that I’ll somehow end up not sticking to that but we will see! See you next week!


20: Week Two 

So it’s that time again, new blog post, new story and all that. Last week I started off 20 Weeks of in depth stories and content surrounding Lost Like Alice, and the journey through all of it. I started off with how I got into music, and all the different factors growing up, that I feel have had an impact on me as a songwriter. I spent the majority of my time as an 11 - 14 year old, gigging, writing and just fully embracing every opportunity I had to go and play live. As a kid this was such an amazing thing, but once I started to become a teenager, I grew tired of it and ended up drifting away from music slightly. It’s something I’ve always had in my life, but there was a time where I had stopped gigging, and swore that I only really wanted it as a hobby. It’s crazy now to think about that time because of how completely motivated I am now towards my music, but at one point I just wanted to be a kid and grew tired of gigging every weekend. That is something that I absolutely adore now but I didn’t then for some reason. I kept writing through that time, though for years I didn’t play any of the songs I’d been writing to anyone. It was solely just a hobby.  

I didn’t really get back into music properly until I was 18. I had applied for a place on a course at BIMM in Manchester, and had an audition which I was really nervous about, as I had to play these songs no one had ever heard before. It gave me this new lease of confidence, and though I ended up dropping out of the course after a few weeks, as it wasn’t really for me, I still took a lot away from it. I remember when I got back from the audition I just had this new energy, trying to start getting gigs again, something I hadn’t done for about three years. After emailing everyone I could think of I’d lined myself up with a string of gigs across wales and started playing in Manchester as much as I could. It was quite intense to avoid something for years, to then throw yourself in full force. I’d built up a collection of songs in that time and soon began to record, what I consider the first ‘Lost Like Alice’ project. It wasn’t called that yet but some of those songs, are still in my set today. My favourite song from that time is called ‘Heavy Strings’. It’s never left my set since I wrote it, and always seems to connect with people when I play it live. That EP was under my own name, and didn’t really do much with it once I had finished it. I put it out and sort of left it, moving on to what would become ‘Thread’. I couldn’t imagine my life without music now, but at one point that’s where I was at. I didn’t want to pursue anything, and just took a slight nudge to get me back on track with everything. That all lead into what is now ‘Lost Like Alice’, and the music I make today.  The EP was a five track acoustic project, of some pretty deep and poignant songs from that time. It’s only been heard by a handful of people which I think is a really special thing. These are after all the songs I started gigging after not playing for years.

I’m really enjoying diving in to how everything started and letting you know a little more! This week I’ve had another great studio session working on new stuff which I’m so excited about, and getting ready for a busy few weekends of gigs! Be sure to come out to one, check back here next Monday for another blog post!


Lost Like Alice

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP '20' on March 2nd. '20' offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of song writing, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben's progressive look on personal circumstances paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, '20' offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six part production resulting in professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says:
'20' is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as person. It's me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I'm incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self produced, and was such a refreshing experience.
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I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

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