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Merch, new projects and back in the studio  

So, there’s lot of things I have to talk about this week, of which I’m very excited! Firstly, I’ve been working on a tonne of new merch to have at all my gigs! First available, will be these T-shirts! I’ve been asked a lot about getting some more merch together for shows, so here you go! Just pop down to a gig and get yours! I wanted to keep them real simple, as well as being really striking and am made up with how they’ve turned out! I’ll be updating the designs regularly so you know you are getting the limited edition experience! Check them out below!

This past Friday, I had my first studio session in Months, after getting the ‘20’ EP out, it’s been amazing to start working on new stuff, as well finishing unfinished projects! Twenty as an EP was a very important thing for me to do, as I wanted to create something close to how I play live. I feel that’s something I have achieved and am so proud every time I hear it! My next project is completely different to that, as I like to keep things fresh and there is no point in repeating myself! I’ll let you all know a little more very soon!  

I’ve had a brilliant past month, just writing new material, planning gigs in the summer, and getting away for a week! I’m buzzing now to get going with gigs next month, starting off with a bang on May 12th, playing at Prom Xtra, and Focus Wales! Focus Wales is a Festival I’ve wanted to play at for a long time and so excited to be heading over to play my songs there this year!  

Back in February, I played in Manchester Academy supporting Blank Cheque. I always love doing Manchester shows, as it feels like a second home! My next Manchester show will be on May 24th at the Eagle Inn in Salford, supporting New York based band, Fruit & Flowers! There’s limited tickets for this, and looks to be a night to remember! See you there! Check my shows page and get your tickets!

If you’ve been reading this blog each week, you’ll know that I was down in Norfolk for a week, and have been talking about all the video footage I got while down there. Very shortly, I’ll be putting out the video for ‘One Last Time’, which is taken from my latest EP ‘20’. It’s a song that means so much to me. The video is a collection of footage, exploring Norfolk, heading to Cromer, and the city of Norwich. It lets the lyrics speak out, really going with the beautiful surroundings. You can find a short teaser for the video here!

Gearing up for festival season  

I have spent the last week in Norfolk, and have loved every minute of it! It’s been a dream! Getting to really take in the surroundings, and to top it all off, got to see my brother get married! I have never been before, and spent the week just taking it all in.

I’ve been taking so much footage since I’ve been here and can’t wait to see what it turns into! That’s the great thing about these things, you have no idea what can come of it. I went down to Cromer on Tuesday, which was a brilliant experience, and a great place to do some filming! I’ve been staying in this beautiful farm house, which is surrounded by miles of fields, ponds and forests. I’ve been running around like a mad man trying to get as much footage of it all as I could! 

It’s been so peaceful down there, and am now ready to really get stuck in, to the festival season! I’ve been crazily writing recently, and can’t wait to test them out live! My next show will be on May 12th, where I’ll be playing at Prom Xtra In the afternoon, and Focus Wales In the evening. I’ve been looking forward to festival season for a while and have some incredible opportunities coming up! Let’s hope for great weather! It’s always a great thing for me to do festivals, as you never know who you might run into, and is great way to find out about new music.

As you’re reading this I’ll be in a car on my way back to Anglesey, thinking about what a week it’s been! I’ve got a bunch of videos to go through and edit when I’m home, and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Got some big gigs next month, be sure to get yourselves down to one! On May 24th I’ll be playing in The Eagle inn, in Salford, supporting American band ‘Fruit & Flowers’.

It’s been such a great thing be able to just relax, and reflect on the year I’ve had so far, and what’s left to come! I’ve been a bit overloaded with stuff to get ready, and being away for a week was exactly what I needed! The next big thing for me now, is to start recording again, and get all these songs I’ve been writing out there! I feel it’s most autobiographical, and honest material I’ve ever had, and can’t wait to do something completely different for this new project! 

The Getaway : Back in a week 

So today, I am off to Norfolk for a week, and I’m ridiculously excited! I’m looking forward to maybe writing some new songs, taking some photos and of course going to my brothers wedding! 

Since all this, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to use April as a month to take a breather, as I’ve been a bit overloaded with things to sort out for the EP, and can take a break before gearing up for festival season starting off in May. I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes on a tonne of video content for the EP, the first of which comes out on Friday! 

This will be the music video for “The Getaway”, which the contains moments of reflections, mixed with eerie flashbacks to other moments in time. This is the first of three videos, all filmed at completely different moments to really capture the essence of these separate stories, that 20 is made up of. Those videos will follow very shortly after ‘The Getaway’ so be sure to keep an eye out! I’ve also got a live session coming very soon for my song ‘Three’ so be sure to look out for that also! 

The best way to find out what I’m up to is to read this blog, it’s written every week, and is basically just my thought process each week that comes. It’s a good way for me to reflect on all that I’m doing, as well as give you first hand insight into my music. 

I spend an enormous amount of time planning these sorts of things, the blog, the videos, as I want to try to create a very transparent, and interesting listening experience. I honestly just love creating things whether it be music, videos, blogs, I just love having these mediums to get this creative side out. I really hope it’s something you’ve been enjoying, as I take a lot of pride in all the work that’s been put in to Lost Like Alice from day one.  

I’d also like to take the time to talk about some of the upcoming gigs I have coming up. I’ll be heading all the over place this summer, going to Cardiff, Lancashire, Gloucester, and of course some more local shows. It’s so important as an artist to gig, and has always been my favourite part, but it’s just as important for you the audience, to show up for artists you enjoy. Go down to your local venue, and support live music. Believe it or not, these types of places close down all the time. Sound control in Manchester where I saw Highly Suspect is now gone. There are so many incredible events happening so be sure to have a look out and try and show your face! Check out my shows calendar and see if there’s anything you fancy, but also if there’s any local bands you really like hearing, let them know by turning up and I promise you’ll make their night! 

Right that’s enough preaching for one week. So as you’re reading this I’ll probably be in a car somewhere, probably a bit bored, on my way for a week I’ve looked forward to for a long time now! I’ll try and get as much footage down there as I can to bring home, and get ready to really tie off this EP, and get on with what’s coming next! Be sure to check out the video for ‘The Getaway’ this Friday! 

Twenty: A Month On 

A month ago today I put out my newest EP, ‘20’. It’s crazy how fast these things go, it still only feels like yesterday when I started recording it! For all the the people who have listened, it means the world!  

The whole process of getting the EP out was a brilliant experience, really planning everything down to the last detail. It’s a project I always wanted to do, and was a bit nervous about doing something so stripped back, to follow my previous EP ‘Thread’ which is the complete opposite. It’s been a hectic couple of months but I’ve loved every minute of it, seeing the project embraced in such a way is such a rewarding thing! 

I’ve had a busy weekend of gigs which was a lot of fun, and am now taking a short break before things really get started in May, and the festival season sets in! I’m heading off to Norwich for a week which I can’t wait for, and want to spend the next few weeks working on new material and just taking a breather. My next shows are on May 12th where I have two gigs in one day, playing at Prom Xtra in the afternoon, and Focus Wales in the evening. Definitely a great way to get things started again! After that things start to get really busy, playing at Festivals all over the place! I’ll be playing in Cardiff for the first time, heading over to Gloucester also for the first time, as well as Festivals In Lancashire and all over Wales.  

I’ve got some really cool video content coming out when things get started up again, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! I try my best to get as much content as I can out there, so that it’s not just an underwhelming experience of putting out a load of songs and leaving it at that, I try and put as much as I can into it so it can be a bit more of an experience, hence the videos and this blog!  

I’m always looking for new places to go musically, and is a very important thing to keep growing and evolving. I’m looking forward to trying out new things with a brand new set of songs! I’ve been writing a lot recently which I’m really excited about, and have a very exciting project that I need to get finished. It’s always good to plan ahead! 

The Getaway, The Video, And Everything Else 

So the past week I've been putting the final touches on the video for 'The Getaway' from my brand new EP '20'. I'm really made up with how it's turned out, really highlighting The message of the song! 

The song was written over a year ago, and has been a common entry in my set during that time. It's really beneficial to be able to gig a song before recording it, allowing you to really test it out and see what works. It's honestly the best way to try out new material, making sure you are taking the best version of the song into that recording session.  

I've talked about the ideas behind the song before but I'll briefly go over it. It's a song about seeing someone who's struggling saying "I'd be there if you'd let me", as they drift away. It's a reflection from a moment in my life, and I wanted to really highlight  that in the video, with these flashbacks.  

I decided to make the video after I was sat out in my garden in the sun, which is a rarity this time of year, and just had this idea and started filming. I've been collecting footage for a while and this was very handy with this video, as in the flashbacks it's obvious they were from a completely different point in time. I love being able to create videos and give the songs a new outlook, as another medium to express myself. The songs on this EP are really personal and is such a great thing to put those ideas and feelings, across to people in such a way. The video will be out really soon so look out for it!

I've got some more videos currently in the works, before I completely tie off this EP and get stuck in to gigs, before starting a new project! I always seem to have new stuff in the works as soon as I've finished a project, which is very useful, giving me a good amount of time to get something finished! 

I have two gigs coming up this weekend which are local ones for a change, it's always good fun to do local gigs! I'll be playing at The Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead on Friday the 30th, alongside a number of brilliant local bands for the first Holyhead Rising! It's a brilliant venue and I've never had the chance to play there until now, and is only up the road which is brilliant! On Saturday the 31st, I'll be in Rascals in Bangor with another bunch of brilliant local bands! Two awesome nights coming up, be sure to come out to one! 

I've been writing a lot recently which is really nice, as I've been so busy working on the other side of the music, setting up releases, and it can be hard to have time for everything. Now that the EP is out I can focus on the gigs I have coming up, as well as writing and recording new songs! I'll be playing some new songs at my gigs this weekend, as it keeps it fresh and is always a great way to test them out! Come down to a gig this weekend and have a listen! 

My main plan for this weeks blog was to do a bit of a Q & A about the new ep, and everything else you might want to know, but unfortunately that didn't go to plan! I'd love to hear from you all and can hopefully get some questions you might have, answered here on the blog! Be sure to get in touch!

Twenty : Taking a breathe  

Hear the bonus track 'Three'Been a brilliant few days, released the bonus track 'Three' on Friday from my EP 20, and spent the weekend just catching my breathe, ready for gigs in a few weeks time. I always find these campaigns really draining near the end so is always good to regroup. It gives me time to write, and work on new stuff, which is always an important thing to keep doing. Not that I'm complaining too much as this EP has surpassed any expectations I had and can't thank you all enough for that!  

It's crazy how far these songs are reaching, getting play in Australia, South Africa and Canada, its such  an overwhelming thing. Must admit, it's a hard one to get my head around but I'm truly greatful! This EP was just something I have always wanted to do, and to see that embraced in such a way is incredible. I only set out to make something I could be proud of and didn't expect this response in the slightest, but am so appreciative!  I'm looking forward to get back into recording, and start working on the next one!

I've been really enjoying getting this blog started, and I hope you have been enjoying reading! I'm hoping to start doing some Q&A's on here, and I'd love to hear from you! Let me know what you'd like to know and I'll do my best to answer! I'll post the first one next Monday, so get your questions in before then and I'll see what I can do! I've been doing these posts for a good few weeks now, and I'd love to know what you want me to write about, it's meant to be a conversation at the end of day!  

This week has been a pretty productive one, getting more gigs booked, planning more content for you to enjoy, and I'm deeply excited! My next gig is at the ucheldre centre in Holyhead on March 30th, it's such a great venue and there's a brilliant line up! Make your way down and I'll see you there! It's getting closer to festival season now, which is my favourite time of year! Make sure you check out all the awesome festivals I'm playing at, you might find one you like! You can check out the bonus track 'Three' in the link above!

Twenty : The Getaway 

The Getaway (Audio Visual)So this weekend I did my first gjg since February, which was really great to get back in to the swing of things. I've been working really hard over the past few months, getting everything ready for the EP release, and have been putting all of my time in doing as much as I could to get the EP out there. I'm so relieved to have the EP out, since recording in October, and planning every little detail, all the way up to its release last week in March.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into gigs, and be able to put all my energy into that! Speaking of which, I have some super exciting gigs coming up this year, playing at the first Holyhead Rising on March 30th, Focus Wales on May 12th, The Eagle Inn in Salford on May 24th, and a whole load of brilliant events coming up,  be sure to have a look at my shows and come down to one! 

I've been really overwhelmed by the response to this EP, and all the support it has received, it really means the world. To all the people who played a song on the radio, did a review, or even just had a listen, thank you! I'm looking forward to starting on my next project and seeing where the music takes me next. 

There is a bonus track on the EP called 'Three'. The song has only been available on physical copies, but will be digitally released on all platforms on March 16th. The song is a really minimal acoustic recording of an upbeat song about not being another number In a system. Get your physical copies to hear the track right away! It focuses heavily on this catchy guitar riff that carries through the song, with a very rhythmic strumming pattern. Be sure to give it a good listen, it's one of my favourites! 

Since the EP is out, I want to highlight a song from the EP on each blog post that I do. So this week I have chosen 'The Getaway', which was one of the first written. You can find a brand new audio visual up to have a watch/listen, and there will be a new one every week! Click the link at the top to find that!

Twenty : One Track At A Time 

My brand new EP 20 came out on Friday and am loving the response to it, it really makes all this worthwhile! I thought I'd talk you through the EP and each of the songs, to give those who have listened a little more insight, and to introduce those who haven't yet pressed play.  

The EP starts with a track called 'What's Missing?', a song about that moment in life where you realise you're off track, and not living your life, the way you thought you would. It's that moment of "Why didn't you tell me I got it wrong?". The song is a mixture of bluesy guitar riffs, and extremely delicate moments, which was a combination I wanted to really emphasise. It's almost as if those harsher melodies were a symbol of a fight, to start heading in the right direction.

The next track is called 'The Getaway', which I'm sure gives a few clues as to what it's about. It's a song I've had for a while, and just fitted with this project so beautifully, like a missing piece. It's about trying to get through to someone, that you know is pulling away, and closing the door. It's a "I'd be there if you'd just let me". Despite the pretty sad subject, the song is wrapped in heaps of stripped back melodies, slowly building up to the bridge, with this break down of "I would walk down this road with you, but I can't keep up". It's a song I'm very proud to own, and have been lucky enough to play it live on countless occasions. 

You are then introduced to 'Crooked Lines', which you may already be familiar with, as it was the last single from the EP. The song is the other side to what is heard on 'What's Missing?'. It's that acceptance of a certain situation or scenario, before you can put the pieces back together. I wanted to really push the boundaries of this stripped back EP, as much as I could with this song, as it has such a strong hint at finding the bigger picture, seeing where you fit in this big world. "Maybe heaven ain't my type". 

The next track is probably the most important. It's the idea behind the entire EP. I wrote it shortly after I had turned 20, and realised that I didn't feel it at all, which had me revisiting moments in my life that lead up to now. Hence the name of the song, 20 (When We Wake). "Do you feel the cold as much as me? Twenty years been told still feels like seventeen". The song keeps with this stripped back idea, yet with this almost upbeat approach that gives the lyrics a some what positive outlook. 

Headlights is the song that started all of this, and is the next song on the EP. I released it in November, and has sonically represented the musical ideas found on the EP. It's living within limitations yet wanting to be on the outside. It's enjoying the silence but not wanting to be alone. This wave of acoustic and limited instrumentation, carries the ideas of the song to this big ending, repeating the words "It won't be long". I like to think that, that is the symbol for things getting better, like a new start.  

One last time. Couldn't be more a fitting ending than this. It's a song about letting go, that final moment before you say "enough is enough". It's my favourite song on the EP, just because of how much it means to me. Musically it just pours out the emotion told within, with ambient acoustics and harmonies pulling though till the end. "One last time, let me look in your eyes". 

I'm so proud to have this EP out, it's now yours and I hope you love it! On the physical copies there is a bonus track, not heard on the digital downloads. Be sure to grab a copy to get the full experience! 

Twenty: This Friday! 

So this Friday, my brand new EP twenty comes out!! It's been a very long process and it's finally almost here! I'm so incredibly proud of this and I hope you love it! 

The EP itself took about 2 months to finish, spending most days and nights working on it like a crazy person. Each song inspired a new idea, and I got so wrapped up in it, in a good way! It's the most honest I've ever been as a songwriter. In the past I would have said "No I can't put that out it's too personal", but I think there's something beautiful about being able to share these things, in such an incredible way!  

Each song means so much to me, and with this stripped back concept, I was able to really listen to what the songs needed and let the message in them speak loudly. I didn't want to repeat what I did with my previous EP 'Thread', as it's everything I ever wanted it to be, and knew the next thing to do was the complete opposite.  

When I started the process for the EP, it was originally supposed to be four tracks, but I have been writing so much at the moment, so that didn't last very long! The EP now has six tracks, as well as a bonus track which will be exclusively available on physical copies, and then released at a later date! I see each song as a marker for a specific moment in my life. The response to the singles already has been so overwhelming. To know that people are really connecting with the songs means the world to me!  

This was the first time I'd ever produced a full EP completely on my own, which was something I've always wanted to do. It was really important to me to emulate the message in each song, with the surrounding music. Headlights for example, is about living within limitations, yet still seeing the beautiful moments in life as they pass. I represented this idea musically, by really stripping everything back, leaving this slow wave of ambient acoustic guitar, gently pushing the lyrics. It's an idea I've carried through the entire EP, which is something I'm so proud of! I really cannot contain my exciting for this EP coming out, it will soon be yours! 

Twenty Thoughts At Once 

Crooked Lines Music VideoSo as you now know, my new EP is rapidly approaching. I am in full gear getting stuff ready to finally get this thing out! I've put an awful lot into this and can't wait for you to have a listen! There's tonnes of stuff happening at the minute to coincide with the release so thought I'd update you on a little bit of that. I apologise in advance for the unstructured nature of this weeks blog, got lots to cover! 

On Friday I released the music video for 'Crooked Lines', which is something I've been keeping quiet about for a while. It's exactly what I wanted to achieve, really highlighting the message in the song, as well as giving you something enjoyable to watch! I spent a while coming up with ideas, and whilst out in my garden, I saw a pile of withered roses, that had been thrown out. It sparked this idea of giving something a new life, which I think really resonates with the songs idea of acceptance, before you begin to heal. You've got all this life going on around you, always moving forward, even when it feels like you're not, which is something I wanted to try and visually represent in the video. If you haven't seen it yet all of this might sound like nonsense so click the link at the top to have a watch! The song it's self I think carries a really important message. Saying "I'm not okay, and that's okay too". I like to think that although these songs can often come from a pretty dark place, they have a little hope, that things can and will get better. 

I have a tonne of gig dates coming up which I'm so excited for, as well as some very cool festival slots! All of March I'm out gigging, playing places I've never played, to people who've never heard my music which I find really exciting. In March I'll be playing in London for the first time, as well as some great local gigs in between that. Be sure to come out to one, they are always a great laugh, and is a great way to spend an evening listening to some original music! Since about October, I've slowed things down gig wise, so I could regroup and focus on my new EP. After my first gig of the year at Manchester Academy was such a success I can't wait to get back to playing as much as I can! Here's a list of my gigs in March:  

March 2nd - EP COMES OUT 
March 10th - The Manor, Conwy
March 30th - Ucheldre, Holyhead  
March 31st - Rascals, Bangor 

I'm currently getting physical copies of the new EP sorted and have finalised artwork which is super exciting! I will do a post once those are available! If you can't tell by reading this, I'm extremely excited to get this EP out! I've also been working on some never heard before, brand new surprises for the EP that I can't wait for you to be a part of! It's the most inspired I've been musically making 20, and am incredibly proud of it. March 2nd and it's all yours!


Lost Like Alice

The latest tour de force on offer by Lost Like Alice sees the release of the EP '20' on March 2nd. '20' offers the most enlightening performance from Ben (Lost Like Alice) to date. In harmony with his recognisable style of song writing, the EP is a conceptual coupling between Ben's progressive look on personal circumstances paired with a tonality which nods towards blues, folk and old rock-acoustic timbres. For those looking to gain more heart from their listening experience, '20' offers depth and clarity, defined by unmistakable and prominent feeling, channelled through a six part production resulting in professionalism personified.

Of the EP, Ben says:
'20' is a combination of impactful stories from my life, leading up to who I am as person. It's me in a room, channelling my ideas, my thoughts and feelings, into a collection of songs that I'm incredibly proud of. The EP was completely self produced, and was such a refreshing experience.
  1. 1 What's Missing? 03:00 Info Buy
  2. 2 The Getaway 03:37 Info Buy
  3. 3 Crooked Lines 03:20 Info Buy
  4. 4 20 (When We Wake) 02:12 Info Buy
  5. 5 Headlights 03:33 Info Buy
  6. 6 One Last Time 05:27 Info Buy
I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

I really hope you enjoy this blog! It's my attempt at trying to give some insight into my music which ive not really expressed before. There will be a new blog post every Monday so keep coming back! Make sure you check out my collection of photographs on my 'Photography' page, where you can find images like the one above! Click the image and you'll find yourself there!

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