Twenty: A Month On

A month ago today I put out my newest EP, ‘20’. It’s crazy how fast these things go, it still only feels like yesterday when I started recording it! For all the the people who have listened, it means the world!  

The whole process of getting the EP out was a brilliant experience, really planning everything down to the last detail. It’s a project I always wanted to do, and was a bit nervous about doing something so stripped back, to follow my previous EP ‘Thread’ which is the complete opposite. It’s been a hectic couple of months but I’ve loved every minute of it, seeing the project embraced in such a way is such a rewarding thing! 

I’ve had a busy weekend of gigs which was a lot of fun, and am now taking a short break before things really get started in May, and the festival season sets in! I’m heading off to Norwich for a week which I can’t wait for, and want to spend the next few weeks working on new material and just taking a breather. My next shows are on May 12th where I have two gigs in one day, playing at Prom Xtra in the afternoon, and Focus Wales in the evening. Definitely a great way to get things started again! After that things start to get really busy, playing at Festivals all over the place! I’ll be playing in Cardiff for the first time, heading over to Gloucester also for the first time, as well as Festivals In Lancashire and all over Wales.  

I’ve got some really cool video content coming out when things get started up again, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! I try my best to get as much content as I can out there, so that it’s not just an underwhelming experience of putting out a load of songs and leaving it at that, I try and put as much as I can into it so it can be a bit more of an experience, hence the videos and this blog!  

I’m always looking for new places to go musically, and is a very important thing to keep growing and evolving. I’m looking forward to trying out new things with a brand new set of songs! I’ve been writing a lot recently which I’m really excited about, and have a very exciting project that I need to get finished. It’s always good to plan ahead! 

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