Twenty : One Track At A Time

My brand new EP 20 came out on Friday and am loving the response to it, it really makes all this worthwhile! I thought I'd talk you through the EP and each of the songs, to give those who have listened a little more insight, and to introduce those who haven't yet pressed play.  

The EP starts with a track called 'What's Missing?', a song about that moment in life where you realise you're off track, and not living your life, the way you thought you would. It's that moment of "Why didn't you tell me I got it wrong?". The song is a mixture of bluesy guitar riffs, and extremely delicate moments, which was a combination I wanted to really emphasise. It's almost as if those harsher melodies were a symbol of a fight, to start heading in the right direction.

The next track is called 'The Getaway', which I'm sure gives a few clues as to what it's about. It's a song I've had for a while, and just fitted with this project so beautifully, like a missing piece. It's about trying to get through to someone, that you know is pulling away, and closing the door. It's a "I'd be there if you'd just let me". Despite the pretty sad subject, the song is wrapped in heaps of stripped back melodies, slowly building up to the bridge, with this break down of "I would walk down this road with you, but I can't keep up". It's a song I'm very proud to own, and have been lucky enough to play it live on countless occasions. 

You are then introduced to 'Crooked Lines', which you may already be familiar with, as it was the last single from the EP. The song is the other side to what is heard on 'What's Missing?'. It's that acceptance of a certain situation or scenario, before you can put the pieces back together. I wanted to really push the boundaries of this stripped back EP, as much as I could with this song, as it has such a strong hint at finding the bigger picture, seeing where you fit in this big world. "Maybe heaven ain't my type". 

The next track is probably the most important. It's the idea behind the entire EP. I wrote it shortly after I had turned 20, and realised that I didn't feel it at all, which had me revisiting moments in my life that lead up to now. Hence the name of the song, 20 (When We Wake). "Do you feel the cold as much as me? Twenty years been told still feels like seventeen". The song keeps with this stripped back idea, yet with this almost upbeat approach that gives the lyrics a some what positive outlook. 

Headlights is the song that started all of this, and is the next song on the EP. I released it in November, and has sonically represented the musical ideas found on the EP. It's living within limitations yet wanting to be on the outside. It's enjoying the silence but not wanting to be alone. This wave of acoustic and limited instrumentation, carries the ideas of the song to this big ending, repeating the words "It won't be long". I like to think that, that is the symbol for things getting better, like a new start.  

One last time. Couldn't be more a fitting ending than this. It's a song about letting go, that final moment before you say "enough is enough". It's my favourite song on the EP, just because of how much it means to me. Musically it just pours out the emotion told within, with ambient acoustics and harmonies pulling though till the end. "One last time, let me look in your eyes". 

I'm so proud to have this EP out, it's now yours and I hope you love it! On the physical copies there is a bonus track, not heard on the digital downloads. Be sure to grab a copy to get the full experience! 

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