20: Week 11

Greetings and all that! While you’re reading this, I’ll be off in the sun in Portugal, probably getting badly sun burnt. I wanted to write this before my holiday so I could make sure it gets done and is a lot easier to sort out. As this is a post written in advance, I obviously can’t write about what’s going on at the minute or it’ll be the same post as last week! Instead I’m going to base it on my favourite shows this year so far, and whatever random thoughts come to mind!  I started the year off playing one of my favourite shows I have ever done. I was lucky enough to play at Manchester Academy supporting Blank Cheque. I was completely shocked when I got asked to play, as it’s such a brilliant venue that’s hosted so many of my favourite artists. It was a crazy experience, being in the back stage where god knows what amazing artists have been. It was honestly a dream. It was something I really rehearsed my arse off for, as it was such a big deal. I had just put out ‘Crooked Lines’ and finished my set with it. The response to the song, and the rest of my set was so overwhelming! Definitely not something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon!  Another really memorable show was in the summer, when I travelled down to Lancashire to play at Down By The Riverside! A magical little festival in such a beautiful setting! My stage was set up In front of this really cool caravan inside a tent. I know that sounds a little odd but check out the photo above, it was really awesome! I was worried before I started, as at festivals there is so much going on at one time, you can’t guarantee you’ll have a good audience. Thankfully a swarm of people turned up to listen! Festivals are always great fun as everyone’s in a great mood, meaning great audience interaction! I love communicating with new people who’ve never heard my music before, you never know what’s going to happen. One of the funniest example of this was at a show I did in Kimnel Bay, where I was asking the audience for name suggestions of a new song, and one response I got was “ call it song face”. You never know what’s going to happen and it’s such great fun!  The last one I’ll mention is actually two gigs. Back in May I went to Colwyn Bay to play at Prom Xtra, a brilliant community event on the Colwyn Bay sea front. Filled with fair ground rides, food stalls, and thousands of happy people out on the beach! It was such a fun set, I felt so relaxed with the crowd and I believe was holding up my hair trying to look like Elvis at one point. This was such a fun day, as after my set I headed straight to Wrexham to play at Focus Wales for the first time! It’s a festival I’d wanted to be a part of for years, and was honoured to be invited. During the festival, Wrexham becomes this brilliant community of musicians, industry people, and music lovers! My set was at the Royal Oak, and I had a blast! There was a woman who brought along a maraca and started joining in on my set! I love things like this, it’s awesome to be able to play music with complete strangers, and have them enjoy what I do!  

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