20: Week 14

Yeah It’s safe to say it’s been a hell of a weekend! Another weekend full of brilliant shows, great venues, and awesome crowds! On Friday I headed to Colwyn Bay to play in Dewi Sant Church for Glyn Fest! It’s been a long time since playing in a church, and you seriously cannot beat the acoustics! The sound just echoes around the room, and is such a brilliant experience whilst playing! It was a great place to try out some new music, and play to such a receptive audience! I got a bit unlucky and broke a string on only my second song, but after a short break to restring, I came back to deliver the rest of my set! These things happen and you can’t plan for it, you just need to be prepared to fix a problem quickly if one comes up! On Saturday I headed down to Manchester to play at Flour & Flagon for Oxjam Manchester, to close the acoustic stage! The event was so much fun, and for such a brilliant cause! I love being in the city, and was such a lovely event to come down for! I’ve only got two shows left this year, and hope to finish them off with a bang! I’ll be closing the stage at Colwyn Bay Christmas Market on December 14th & 15th! Be sure to come down, and join in the festivities! I’ve had such a blast this year with events, promoting the 20 EP and getting it out to you! It’s now time for a new stage of Lost Like Alice, as I get closer to bring you brand new music! It’ll be worth the wait I promise!  I’ve been really working hard on getting new video content out to you this past week. I feel I’ve not put up enough recently, so want to change that! This all started with finding the long lost music video for ‘Headlights’, which was filmed in the snow back in February. It’s such a fun video, and was completely unplanned, which is something you can see in the shots! Make sure you check that out below! My cat decided to get involved in the filming, by attacking my leg and just generally not being very helpful! Speaking of video content, I uploaded a short clip from Friday nights show at Dewi Sant Church! Like I said, the acoustics are insane, so couldn’t resist getting some great content for you! It’s a clip of brand new song, so enjoy this exclusive listen! I’m working on a tonne of new music, new content, and generally just a load of exciting new things for you all!

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