20: Week 19

Merry Monday! If you’re new to this blog then welcome! Every Monday there’s a brand new blog post, sharing my musical activities for the week, first announcements of shows, videos, and some photography! If you’ve been here before, then welcome back! There’s been a few updates to the site over the last few weeks, with new page headers, and a general polishing of the site! My main goal was to have a great home for my music, and everything else that I do. It’s somewhere to spend some time and get involved! As exciting as that all is, I’m sure you came to read about the music, so back to the musical talk.. On Thursday I returned to The Cove in Bangor, a brilliant new Coffee & Rum Shack in Bangor, with brilliant decor, neon lighting & a great selection of Food & Drink, perfect for a lovely evening out! I had a great time playing there again, the acoustics are amazing, and is always great to see some brand new faces, and introduce them to my music! My next show is at Old Colwyn Christmas Fair on December 16th, a great way to get in to the Christmas Spirit, spend time with friends and get merry! I’ll be playing a load of brand new songs, so be sure to come out and have a listen!  On Tuesday I will be going back into the studio with Paul DeMarco, polishing off the new tracks and getting a single ready to go! It’s been such a brilliant experience so far working on this project, really pushing the boundaries of anything we have created together before, and finding the right direction to put these new ideas across! It’s been a great thing working completely under the radar, in complete secrecy focusing on nothing other than the brand new music! As it is the 10th Of December, Christmas is obviously on all our minds, and of course what we have to look forward to in the new year! 2019 is going to be a year of a lot of new music from me, tonnes of new shows In brand new places, and hopefully introducing some new people to my music. The whole journey of Lost Like Alice has been incredible so far, and I cannot wait to see where it goes next! Through my Spotify account, I was able to see all the interactions with my music this year, and was overwhelming to see! 20 different countries, 1K Minutes, 197 Fans, and a big thank you from me! To know that my music is reaching people all over the world such a bizarre concept to get my head around, but am so grateful to everyone who has shown their support in some way! Let’s keep on growing in 2019!

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