20: Week Five

It’s been another musical week, tonnes of new things to give you some insight on, another load of random thoughts that fall into my keyboard, it must be Monday! It’s an odd/cool thing to do every week, looking back and analysing everything I’ve done. It’s a good way of keeping things on track and reflecting on the positives. I’ve been gigging solidly all summer, which has been the greatest thing, I’ve had so many incredible opportunities, and am now ready for the last few shows of the summer season. I’ve been promoting the 20 EP through shows since March, and am now ready to get this new project finished, to start playing some brand new material! It’s a big leap from anything I’ve ever done before and am crazy excited about it! I self produced 20 as it was something I have always wanted to do, but have been working with producer Paul deMarco again on this new project, and the sound is huge. I can’t wait to share more!  

On Saturday I played at Beaumaris Food Festival and had the best time! Food Festivals are one of my favourite types of events, so many different faces, so many cool stalls to visit after my set! It’s always a cool thing for me to do shows on Anglesey, as I spent most of this year and last year travelling away for gigs. It’s nice to go to places I would usually just visit for a day out, to play my songs to new people! It started raining before my set, but that didn’t stop everyone coming out and enjoying themselves! The response was awesome and hope to return next year! I’m playing at Manchester Food & Drink Festival at the end of the month, a brilliant event in the city and I can’t wait! Last year was so much fun, and am lucky enough to have two slots this year!  

September is always a cool time as it’s a great time for festivals, and also happens to be when I have my birthday! I’m going away for a few days next week, and can’t wait to just take a breather, plan this new project and get some more recording done! Each week I talk about this new project and you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about, but bare with me, there will be some really exciting new music coming out very soon! Stay tuned!

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