20: Week One

Since this blog has been going for a while now, every Monday letting you know about my week and all the current things in my life surrounding Lost Like Alice, I now want to mix things up a little. As you may know my last EP was called 20, which just so happens to be my age, and I thought it would be cool for the next 20 weeks, to really go in depth about 20 defining moments that has lead up to Lost Like Alice even starting. My music is very honest and I always write from what I know, almost like a slightly cryptic story about my life. I want to take that whole idea further and really let you in to all the behind the scenes moments, that are a big part of what Lost Like Alice is.  I of course will still let you know what I have been up to with shows, and everything else you might need to know, but with more of a main theme to each piece. Since I have sort of explained myself, lets give this a go! 

guess the obvious place to start, is how I got into music in the first place, which is a question I feel has a lot of different 
answers.  The obvious one would be that, on my 11th Birthday, my eldest brother gifted me his very first guitar, which is a squire Telecaster that I still own and adore. But I feel there’s a much earlier place to start. I grew up in Cheshire, my parents both working in and out of Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas for most of their lives. My Dad was around for the hay days of the Hacienda, which is an iconic venue that sadly no longer exists. The music in and out of my house was very much so, a direct result of the city of Manchester. My first real musical obsession was with The Smiths, and Morrissey. I remember pleading with my mum in our local HMV to buy me this DVD with all The Smiths/Morrisey’s music videos on. Luckily it’s a fight that I won and would watch it over and over and over. At a 
young age you don’t really notice moments like this, but can see the huge impact of how I have turned into the songwriter that I have. There’s a rather funny story that my parents have repeated over the years that really makes me laugh, but that I don’t remember because I was so young. As these Iconic Manchester bands and artists were a 
constant in our home, another huge one for me was Joy Division. Apparently I made my parents and my brother rather concerned, as I would go into a really dark room, sit on the floor and stay there for hours listening to unknown pleasures. If you’re not familiar with the album, it’s a bit dark for someone so young to be listening to in such a way. Apparently anyway. Both The Smiths and Joy Division are still such an important part of my life, so long after. I moved to Wales when I was about 9/10, and definitely think that living in Wales effects the way that I write. It’s quiet, with vast amounts of space, and I like to think that’s something I put into my songs. Songs like Headlights and Crooked Lines are a good example, really stripping everything back to what I’m trying to say, really minimal.

There has always been a guitar around in my house, but never thought about learning until I got that guitar on my 11th Birthday.  From that point I started playing as much as I could, spending hours a day learning, and was soon enough writing my own songs.  My parents were really involved in the local music scene in North Wales, putting on monthly events, getting artist all around Wales to be involved, and that gave me a platform to play what I’d been writing in my bedroom, and really work on my craft. By 12 I was a regular face to the local music scene, and now 8 years later, can see what a huge impact that had. That’s probably the most important way that I got into music, although there are other stories which are just as true, I feel that’s where everything started. I could go on and on about it but I think those are the important points.

I spent this weekend just been playing at Menai Food Festival. I had the best time, and to see thousands of people come out for a local event was insane! I’ve got some really cool events fast approaching that I’ll talk about soon! Stay posted! It’s been a busy week, few issues to sort out, loads of practicing and just getting ready for the rest of my summer shows! I’m back in the studio next week, one step closer to getting new music out to you! Check back next Monday!

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