20: Week Six

So you’ve probably got the theme by now, it’s Monday so that means another blog post! It’s a bit of an interesting one, as the majority of the week has been some what non music related. It’s nice to take a break sometimes, and come back feeling fresh for new things! It was my 21st on Wednesday so I have been down in abersoch for the weekend! It’s such a beautiful place to come to, always reminds me of being a kid, when I’d go down every summer with my family. This summer has been so full on, its been lovely to have a weekend of nothing but enjoying the last remaining parts of it!  

Though I’ve been away, progress on the new project is still being made! I got some brand new mixes sent through the other day, which is always an exciting thing. Hearing the songs come to life bit by bit, is such a rewarding process. The songs are all taken from the past year, as I’ve been constantly finding new things to write about, and exploring new ways to approach the songs. I’m heading back today, and intend to go full speed into this new project, to get some new songs out as soon as possible! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve put out a new song, and can’t wait to fill you in on what I’ve been up to! It’s hard with this blog sometimes as I just want to tell you everything that’s going on, what the albums going to be like and all that beautiful stuff,  but I feel like the wait will be worth it! I’m trying to keep a balance of creating intrigue, without any spoilers!  

When I’m home I’m going to start restructuring my set, and gearing up for my two slots at Manchester Food & Drink Festival on the 29th! It’s always a pleasure to go to play in Manchester, as it’s like a second home! I had a whale of a time last year and can’t wait to take to the main stage this year! It’s a free event so if you’re in the area make sure you come down. There’s so many brilliant stalls around, a great selection of musical acts, and plenty of gin I believe! See you then!

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