20: Week 12

Im back! If you read my post last week, you might have read that I was in Portugal on holiday for ten days. I made sure I had all my posts sorted before I went, so this is the first current post since I’ve been back! I got back on Friday, and had the best time! So many amazing memories! Now that I’m back, its time to get stuck in to gigs, and rehearsing my bottom off! It’s been a weird one, not playing, or having anything to with music for 10 days, but i thoroughly enjoyed the break! It’s been a few weeks since my last gig at Manchester food & Drink Festival, and I cannot wait till my next show at Conwy Feast on October 27th! It’s the second time for me playing at the festival, and I cannot wait to return! That’s not all though! Below you can find a list of all my upcoming shows! Be sure to come out to one, or two, or all!  It’s been a brilliant thing to take a step back from my current recording project that I've been working on for months, and come back at it with a fresh mind, to really get some ground covered! I’ve started introducing a lot of new songs into my sets, so if you want an early listen, be sure to head down to a show! I love playing new material, as well as some of my favourites that I've written in the past. It’s a great thing to have a really mixed set, showing everything that ‘Lost Like Alice’ is about! I have already started the process of getting gigs booked in for next year, its going to be a big one! Last weeks blog post, covered three of my favourite shows that I have done so far this year! I really enjoyed writing this piece, as it allowed me to reflect on the opportunities I have had this year, and all the great audiences I have played to! This is a them I want to keep going, and will be talking about a different show from my year each week!  Starting off this week, I’m going to be talking about when I played at The Eagle Inn in Salford, supporting New York band ‘Fruit & Flowers’. The gig was on May 24th, and I had the best time! I took my friend Ryan down with me to do some filming, showing what it’s like on the road, and all that goes on with gigs! It was such a fun show, I was lucky enough to have some people come specifically to see me, which is always a lovely thing! The room was absolutely tiny, which made for some incredible vibes! Everyone was so respectful, and you could hear a pin drop between songs. It always means a lot when people fully pay attention to your music, though does up the pressure slightly! You can watch the video Ryan and I made below to learn more about the show! See you next week!

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