A Structured Approach To Blogging!

With a brand new year now In place, it seems fitting to bring about a new voice, and a new motive for the weekly blog post. The laid back nature of every week has been extremely enjoyable to write for the past year, but I now want to take on a much more structured approach to the weekly ramblings of yours truly, to create a really in depth and powerful piece of literature, every Monday afternoon. Well maybe not a powerful piece of literature, but you get the drift. I want to start really answering important questions, really giving your good selfs a new idea of what ‘Lost Like Alice’ is, and what it’s becoming. The plan is to split each post into designated themes, as well as keeping you up to date with what’s going on week by week.  

New Music Releases (Well Sort of). 

Over the past week, I have given the first real listen of previously unheard songs since the release of ‘Innocent’, which came out in July. Last weeks blog post marked the one year anniversary of the Lost Like Alice blog, a big milestone in my book, and something I am extremely proud of. To celebrate the occasion, I released an acoustic track called ‘Lay Down’, a song I wrote a few months ago, and happened to come across this great acoustic recording, leaving to the only obvious conclusion, to release the song to you. Not in the old fashioned sense of releasing music, the track is simply a gift from me to you. As I enjoyed getting some new ears on completely unknown music, Is why on Saturday, I released another brand new live session, of a song called ‘You & I’. I may be seen as someone who often, or more than often tends to write the odd sad song, but this isn't the case with this song. It’s a song born out of loving someone so completely, promising to be there through everything that could possibly be thrown at us. It’s a bit soppy and romantic I know, but it’s always a great thing to get to the heart of what a song is truly about, and what it means to me.  

Where is “I AM’? 

If this is your first time hearing of “I Am”, not I am not talking about one of the black eyed peas, I am talking about my first official single for my brand new project. I’ve been teasing the track for a while, and It’s almost time for you to have a listen! The song came together so quickly, and I cannot wait for the outcome! It’s in its final stages now in the studio, tidying up, and getting everything ready for the big release. If you keep your eyes open, soon enough, It’ll be with you! But I can’t give too many secrets away surely! The song is one of around eight tracks that myself and producer Paul Demarco, have been working on for the past few months, really exploring the vision for ‘Lost Like Alice’, and where I would like to explore next. It’s a song I am so proud to own, and have so much fun performing it at every show! It’s raw, bluesy, rocky, energetic, and full of this powerful insight into the idea of growing up, or at least trying to. It’s one I am buzzing about to be able to play, and if you’d like a sneak preview, you know what to do!  

What’s Happened With LLA This Week? 

As we've touched on live shows, it seems only right to share with you what musical activity I’ve been up to this week. On Tuesday night, I returned to The Cove in Bangor, for what turned out to be a buzzing night of live original music. It may have been a Tuesday, but sure had the vibes, and the atmosphere of a Friday! I was quite shocked to be honest, but pleasantly surprised. January is always a tricky time with events, as the want to go out dips after a long stretched out Christmas period, but saying that, Tuesday nights show was a night to remember! On Thursday I was set to support John Adams in Llandrindod Wells for Independent venue week, yet due to extreme weather conditions, it was not meant to be! It’s all worked out though, we have a brand new date on February 14th, Valentines Day! I assure you its not one to miss, and I hope to see you there! Now you’ve read this beautifully organised piece, you may venture on my brand new live session, ‘You & I’. Enjoy! 

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