Gigs, new projects, and everything else

So this week, I’ve been in full blown rehearsal mode, getting ready for a big week. I’m so excited to be getting started with the festival season, and have some incredible events coming up that I’m buzzing about! I’m also quietly working on new music which is something I feel is a big change for me as a songwriter, and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Got a tonne of new tracks I’ve been working on in the studio and stupidly excited to get it all finished! 

On Saturday I’ll be heading up to Colwyn Bay to play Prom Xtra in the afternoon, then shooting off to Focus Wales in the evening. It’s great to be fully back in the swing of things, it’s always good to be busy. Focus wales is a festival I’ve wanted to play at for a long time. They put together such a great lineup of incredible artists, and I’m really excited to be a part of that!  

A few days ago I had my first radio play over in France, which is a crazy thing to get my head around. I’ve been really fortunate with this EP, having had 40 different stations around the UK, Australia, Canada, and now France supporting the EP which means the absolute world. ‘20’ is a project that was completely self produced, made with the simplest recording set up, and am blown away by how it’s been received! I am now just really excited to do new stuff, that you might not expect from ‘Lost Like Alice’, and keep changing and evolving!  

The first EP for ‘Lost Like Alice’ which is called ‘Thread’, came out in June last year, and is almost a year old! It’s so mad to think, it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s also a really rewarding feeling knowing the songs from that EP are still being heard! I got a notification the other day saying that ‘I Won’t Wait’ was being played over in Australia which is such a cool thing!  

Make sure you come out to a show this summer, festival season is my favourite time of year and is always great to see new faces at events! Check out my upcoming gigs on my shows page! I’m heading off to Manchester on the 24th May, to play at the Eagle Inn in Salford! Be sure to get your tickets, it’ll be a hell of a night! I spent the whole of April just taking a break, and working on writing new material. It’s important to take a breather sometimes, and am now ready to start getting these songs out to new people at shows!

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