Covering Ground!

This week has been another very productive one! I had another studio session on Friday which was brilliant, really got some ground covered on this new project. It’s been months and months in the making so far, but am really excited to show you what I’ve been up to! I listen to all kinds of music, and that’s what I want Lost Like Alice to be. I don’t want each project to be the same, but still keep the essence of who am I as a songwriter.  

The 20 EP was brilliant experience for me, because I’ve always had this dream of self producing a project, completely alone, and was amazing to see it embraced in such a way! I’m bringing what I learnt from making 20 into this new project, to create a completely different soundscape! I like not setting any dates or time limits with projects, because it’s such a freeing thing to just see where the music goes and not rush anything.  

On Sunday I headed up to Betws Y Coed to play at Connect Buddies again this year. It’s such a beautiful place to go to, and had the best time playing. My next gig is Castell Beat in Ruddlan on July 14th. It’s a great day out and I had a blast there last year! I’m staring to introduce some new songs into my set which is really exciting, always great to see how they go down. It’s a been while now writing this blog, every week not yet missing one! I feel it’s an important thing to be able to access and let’s you know week by week, what I’m up to! It’s sometimes a challenge getting it done as I often have busy weekends with gigs which is hard to balance, but it’s working so far! Got some really cool plans with the blog later in the year, stay posted! I also put out a live session for ‘Heavy Strings’, check it ou below!

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