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So as some of you might know, I put out a brand new song on January 26th called 'Crooked Lines'. But what you might not know is the back story of the song.  

Crooked Lines, is taken from my upcoming EP '20', which is a very organic, stripped to the core, type of EP. The EP was actually finished in late October, and have spent the time since getting out singles and getting all the things that have to ready for a new release, ready.  

Cut about a month and a bit later, to Christmas Day. I'd been up most the night not being able to sleep, (not because I was excited that Santa was coming), but anyway, it was about 4am and I sat down to play my guitar. Bare in mind it was 4am so I was trying to play quietly. Soon after this song just poured out of me. I didn't really think much of it at the time, and then got up to get on with Christmas.  

The next day I listening to a voice memo I had made of the song, and got excited by it again. I knew then I wanted it to go out with 'What's Missing?, but had to work very fast to make that happen.  

As the whole project has been self produced, self recorded, the recording process was pretty similar to that of my song 'Headlights', and the rest of the EP for that matter. But this time I wanted to push the boundaries a little more. I'd focused heavily on the organic, raw and acoustic sound, and wanted to create something that could fit in with that, but still have some gripping electric guitar and big ambient sounds.  

I had a few attempts at recording the song before I found a style that really brought out all those characteristics. I wanted to create a really warm, ancient vocal sound, by layering harmonies blended together and panned, which really brings out the choruses. I will do another post about the whole production side of the EP too, so won't go into that too much now.  

It was very freeing working to a deadline, oddly enough. It eliminated the self doubt that comes with sitting on a track for ages before it's final release. I didn't have the time to really fixate on things that didn't matter, which enabled me to really bring out the ideas in my head, and bring them to life sonically.  

I'm very proud of this song, and I really hope you love it!:)

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