Gearing up for festival season

I have spent the last week in Norfolk, and have loved every minute of it! It’s been a dream! Getting to really take in the surroundings, and to top it all off, got to see my brother get married! I have never been before, and spent the week just taking it all in.

I’ve been taking so much footage since I’ve been here and can’t wait to see what it turns into! That’s the great thing about these things, you have no idea what can come of it. I went down to Cromer on Tuesday, which was a brilliant experience, and a great place to do some filming! I’ve been staying in this beautiful farm house, which is surrounded by miles of fields, ponds and forests. I’ve been running around like a mad man trying to get as much footage of it all as I could! 

It’s been so peaceful down there, and am now ready to really get stuck in, to the festival season! I’ve been crazily writing recently, and can’t wait to test them out live! My next show will be on May 12th, where I’ll be playing at Prom Xtra In the afternoon, and Focus Wales In the evening. I’ve been looking forward to festival season for a while and have some incredible opportunities coming up! Let’s hope for great weather! It’s always a great thing for me to do festivals, as you never know who you might run into, and is great way to find out about new music.

As you’re reading this I’ll be in a car on my way back to Anglesey, thinking about what a week it’s been! I’ve got a bunch of videos to go through and edit when I’m home, and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Got some big gigs next month, be sure to get yourselves down to one! On May 24th I’ll be playing in The Eagle inn, in Salford, supporting American band ‘Fruit & Flowers’.

It’s been such a great thing be able to just relax, and reflect on the year I’ve had so far, and what’s left to come! I’ve been a bit overloaded with stuff to get ready, and being away for a week was exactly what I needed! The next big thing for me now, is to start recording again, and get all these songs I’ve been writing out there! I feel it’s most autobiographical, and honest material I’ve ever had, and can’t wait to do something completely different for this new project! 

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