Getting ready for Valentine's Day's big gig!

It's happens to be way too early on a cold Sunday morning as I'm writing this, mentally preparing myself for the week ahead, and how to make the most of it. The most positive aspect of running a weekly blog on a Monday, as it that it leaves you looking positively to the week ahead, approaching the one just been, and how to improve week by week. This coming week is a very big one, to say I'm excited is an understatement. If you're new here, you may be questioning what possible excitement is lurking over the next few days. If so, have a seat, and we'll get into it. An event I have looked forward to for a while now is coming up this Valentine's Day, where I'll be venturing off to Mid Wales, to support the very talented John Adams in the Pavillion. Even after doing the hundreds of shows I have been lucky enough to land, events such as this really stand out, becoming a real highlight for the years shows. As someone who's done their fair share of not so great events, ones such as this, really get me excited! It's been a while since I've played in Mid Wales and cannot wait to be back! Since the shows now on Valentine's Day, it feels only right to choose my setlist accordingly! 

What goes on in a typical ‘Lost Like Alice’ week?                      

If you’ve been here before, or are somehow familiar with me in any way, you’ll see the frequent number of gigs that I’m always heading off to or coming back from, performing live is by far the best part of this whole beautiful thing. A typical week see’s me preparing for each show, choosing the right setlist for that event, practising to make sure i’m on top form, and unfortunately, travelling. A lot of these events take a dreaded car journey in order to arrive on time to each event, but it’s just one of those things! For the last few months I've been going deep into a brand new recording project, which takes up a blot of my spare time, looking at the mixes, seeing how things could be improved, and aiming to make the strongest ‘Lost Like Alice’ project to date! I’ve been annoyingly hinting this for a while, but it is vastly approaching don’t you worry!  

Fresh Batch Of The 20 EP!

It’s so crazy to think, that next month, it will have been a whole year since I released the 20 EP! A project that I’m so grateful to own, and had such a brilliant response from all of you! It was only ever meant to be an acoustic project, but it became so much more. The months in which I locked myself away, in a room with only a guitar and recording equipment, and spent every waking minute, working towards something I could be proud of! The amount of people who have bought a CD, or even just had a listen, thank you! I recently ran out of copies for the EP, so have ordered a brand new batch which arrived yesterday! You can now get them online, for only £2 from my bandcamp, for a limited time only! It’s not too late to get that special someone a nice cd for the romantic day!  Buy a copy here

What’s coming up?

As we are now very slowly, and I mean very slowly, getting into the lighter part of year, that means tonnes and tonnes of new gigs! The weather doesn't make you want to curl up in bed anymore, and we can all start to have that first glimpse of spring! I have a lot of exciting events coming up later in the year which I am yet to announce, but first, I was very pleased to announce my appearance at The Well Inn Festival this September! It’s only two days after my birthday, and is always a great time of year, I cant wait to play! See you there!

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