Headlights - An Unknown Destination

Headlights - Listen

Headlights, is the first single from my upcoming EP '20'. It came out in November and received a completely overwhelming response, with reviews, being played on BBC Radio Wales, it was incredible.  

Every now and again, I'll write a song, that just completely flows out of me, not knowing where it came from. Headlights is exactly that. It's a song that completely shaped my new EP, opening a door to places I'd never been musically. It was one of those moments where, I looked down at the page, and was like "so that's how I feel".  

I really wanted to capture the essence of the lyrics, and create a completely stripped back landscape for them to sit on. It's what I imagine waves would sound like if they could sing.  

The song itself, is about living within limitations, but still focusing on the beautiful moments in life as they pass. It's a search for something greater, without completely knowing what that is.  

Production wise I wanted to really bring out the lyrics, and the melodies, with this lingering ambience that carries through the whole song. I could have thrown tonnes of instruments at it, but I think it would miss the whole point. I wanted to sonically represent the meaning of the song. It's stripped back, it's limited. You get to the end of the song and there's big dramatic ending, which is kind of like the start of things getting better.  

A few people have asked me about the artwork of the song, which has a pretty interesting backstory. In the 50's my grandfather moved to Australia when he was only 15, and ended up living on a ranch. I found this collection of photographs that he had taken on his travels. He lived such an incredible life, and I wanted to pay tribute to that somehow. That picture is the boat that he traveled on. It's fitting because I feel like the song is a journey, it just doesn't know where it's destination is yet. I really hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I Am also really happy to announce that the EP will be coming out on March 2nd! I cannot wait for you to hear it, I have some really exciting gigs coming up around the release too, make sure you come out to one!:)





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