Innocent: What A Weekend!


This weekend has been a bit of an exciting one, getting Innocent out there into the world was the best feeling. The song is something both Ryan and me are extremely proud of, and to see it embraced in such a way means the absolute world! To everyone who’s listened, commented, sent us a message, thank you! This song has been a bit of a blessing, so much positivity towards it.  The first radio play of the song came from all the way over in Australia, a mind-blowing thing in itself. The song came together so naturally and quickly, form the point of creation, to getting it out to you, the listener. 

On Saturday I went to play at Castell Beat in Rhuddlan, which is always such a fun day out! I got to play ‘Innocent’ for the first time, which is a very cool thing. It’s always exciting playing new material, seeing people’s reactions, and getting a fresh take on it! I played it acoustically, which was very refreshing, really taking the lyrics in the song to a new meaning. I’ll be playing the song out all summer, and we are both working on getting out there to play it together. 

As ‘Innocent’ came out on Friday, we put together a music video that we hope you’ve all enjoyed! We wanted to really give people something to think about. It’s a little dark, and by no means your conventional music video. We wanted to really highlight the songs meaning, and create the perfect backdrop to the song. Everything in the video was filmed in one day, all on the Anglesey, really pushing the boundaries of a video, and created something we think is really exciting! 

As its now full swing into the summer season, we couldn’t have picked a better time to put out the song! Make it the sound track to your summer, play it as loud as you can, and share it with your friends! If you’ve enjoyed the song, reach out to us and let us know, we love hearing from people! We have some big news/big plans happening with the song that we’ll talk about really soon. Keep on listening x

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