Keys, the new project, and everything else!

It’s been a bit of crazy week to say the least, so much being planned, so much work to be done. It’s been a mad few days between planning the new single, coursework, writing essays, and a new writing project I’ve been quietly working on. It’s not all about music sometimes! I recently started a new blog called “Let Me Write’, where I’ve been reviewing books, tv shows, and last week I was fortunate enough to interview best selling author Sarah Pinborough about her brand new book ‘Cross Her Heart’. I’ve been a bit quiet on the gig front for a good reason - to ensure a smooth and well planned release for “Keys”, focusing on putting all my energy into that. It’s such a great sounding track, and I’m over the moon to get it out to all of you! 

What can be expected from the new single? 

Keys is a bit of a mix between the two LLA EP’S. It has the raw and emotive feel from 20, a rich acoustic sound, and the powerful guitar driven rock attitude as the song builds to a climax. Despite the two stylings, it’s got a brand new energy and sound that I’ve been exploring over the past few months, finally bringing it to fruition. It’s a song about trying to help someone when you’re struggling too, showing the pain and the suffering that can come with that. All lovely and cheery stuff I know. I wrote it quite a while ago now, and is such a rewarding thing to finally be able to share it. It’s the first proper look at the new project, promising a tonne of new music from me! To those people who have heard the song live and connected with it, thank you. It’s a song that means an awful lot to me, and I hope it will to you too. 

What’s all this talk about non-music related stuff? 

Well it’s an interesting thing, considering this is a blog only meant for the Lost Like Alice project and all that it entails. Over the past few months things have changed dramatically for me, going from pursuing music full time, to going back into education was a strange adjustment, but one I’m really pleased with. I’ve been successfully balancing the music stuff as well as my studies so far, and I’m excited to start my degree later in the year. I’ve always had more than one passion, and I love writing in all aspects and I’m excited to see where it all leads. I’m really excited to be going to Paris in a few weeks with my girlfriend, taking a break from everything and just enjoying the culture. I’ll hopefully be doing some really cool content when I’m there and will be sure to share it with you. 

When is the next show? 

My next official show won’t be until April sometime, though I have tonnes coming up in the summer. I am however hosting an Open Mic night at the Cove in Bangor on March 21st, if you fancy coming to play some songs or just stay top have a listen. You’ll be able to catch me on the radio throughout April on a few local stations, playing the new single and talking all things new music! I’ll give you all the details closer to the time so you can tune in! See you next week!

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