Lost Like Alice: Almost Two Years


Since it’s been around two years since ‘Lost Like Alice’ started, I’ve been reflecting recently on all that’s happened in that time, and all the incredible opportunities I’ve been given. The main reason I’ve been thinking about all of it from the very being, is because the debut EP for the project ‘Thread’, has just turned a year old! It’s crazy how fast it’s all gone, but am still so incredibly proud of that EP. Before ‘Thread’, all I’d ever done musically, was that of a typical acoustic singer songwriter. It was the first time I really started to explore musically, and create the ever evolving sound that is ‘Lost Like Alice’.  

For as long as I have been making music, I’ve always wanted to create a project that is a combination of all the music that I listen to. I adore heavy rock, blues, and of course the more delicate heartfelt songs. With ‘Thread’ I was really able to put all of that into my songwriting and massively changed the way I look at the songs, and being an overall musician. I think the songs that really sum it up for me on that EP, are Empty Tank and I Won’t Wait. Both playing into the opposite sides of blues music, both with the transparent heartfelt lyricism that I feel has become a trait of mine as a songwriter, but still worlds apart. I then went on to create complete opposite to ‘Thread’, and decided to self produce ‘20’.

The idea behind 20, was that I wanted to create a project that really gave the audience a taste of how I play live. I’d just put out this big full band project, and knew that the perfect companion for that was to strip everything back, and see the limits I could push, with such limited boundaries. I think this idea also found in the lyrics of songs such as ‘Headlights’, which is all about living within limitations. Both EPs are bodies of work that I put so much into, and completely sum up what ‘Lost Like Alice’ can be. It’s about really exploring and evolving with each project that I do, and seeing where the music takes me next.  

With this line of conversation, I’m sure it’s propped up the question of “so what are you doing next?” If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen little hints and the odd commentary about being fully into  a brand new recording project. It’s something that I feel combines both ‘Thread’ and ‘20’, but with a sound that is new and exciting! Really pushing the songwriting, seeing the production as an instrument and  am beyond exciting to share more! But easy does it. No one likes spoilers. I’ve been working with Paul Demarco again on this EP, who produced ‘Thread’. I then went on to self produce ‘20’ which taught me so much, and has given us so many more skills to take into this new project!

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