Merch, new projects and back in the studio

So, there’s lot of things I have to talk about this week, of which I’m very excited! Firstly, I’ve been working on a tonne of new merch to have at all my gigs! First available, will be these T-shirts! I’ve been asked a lot about getting some more merch together for shows, so here you go! Just pop down to a gig and get yours! I wanted to keep them real simple, as well as being really striking and am made up with how they’ve turned out! I’ll be updating the designs regularly so you know you are getting the limited edition experience! Check them out below!

This past Friday, I had my first studio session in Months, after getting the ‘20’ EP out, it’s been amazing to start working on new stuff, as well finishing unfinished projects! Twenty as an EP was a very important thing for me to do, as I wanted to create something close to how I play live. I feel that’s something I have achieved and am so proud every time I hear it! My next project is completely different to that, as I like to keep things fresh and there is no point in repeating myself! I’ll let you all know a little more very soon!  

I’ve had a brilliant past month, just writing new material, planning gigs in the summer, and getting away for a week! I’m buzzing now to get going with gigs next month, starting off with a bang on May 12th, playing at Prom Xtra, and Focus Wales! Focus Wales is a Festival I’ve wanted to play at for a long time and so excited to be heading over to play my songs there this year!  

Back in February, I played in Manchester Academy supporting Blank Cheque. I always love doing Manchester shows, as it feels like a second home! My next Manchester show will be on May 24th at the Eagle Inn in Salford, supporting New York based band, Fruit & Flowers! There’s limited tickets for this, and looks to be a night to remember! See you there! Check my shows page and get your tickets!

If you’ve been reading this blog each week, you’ll know that I was down in Norfolk for a week, and have been talking about all the video footage I got while down there. Very shortly, I’ll be putting out the video for ‘One Last Time’, which is taken from my latest EP ‘20’. It’s a song that means so much to me. The video is a collection of footage, exploring Norfolk, heading to Cromer, and the city of Norwich. It lets the lyrics speak out, really going with the beautiful surroundings. You can find a short teaser for the video here!

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