New Years Eve!

I’m not sure I even believe it myself, but it’s somehow the last blog post of the year! It’s a crazy thing to contemplate, the amazing year that has been is now at an end! It’s not all sad though, a new year means new possibilities and opportunities!  It feels only right to reflect on the amazing year that I’ve had, and share some of my highlights! I started the year off promoting my single “Headlights”, which went down really well on the radio, and brought a new excitement to ‘Lost Like Alice’.  To put out such a stripped back song, and have it responded to in such a brilliant way was amazing! My first show of 2018 was at Manchester Academy, and was a massive step up from anything I’d ever done before! To be on a stage that so many incredible artists have played at was such an overwhelming thing! Just before the show my single “Crooked Lines” came out, and has ever since become a bit of a fan favourite at all my shows! Its mad to know people connect with what I’m doing, and continue to try and see where the music can go next! It was all a massive step for me, as I was able to put out a completely self recorded EP, that was getting so much respect and admiration! I still can’t quite understand how it all worked, from starting the project to finishing, but am so proud with the songs that were born from it!  As it is New Years Eve, and you’ve all probably got some great plans for the evening, I hope you all have a wonderful time! I put out a video highlight yesterday, with the first listen at some brand new music! I’ve made it no secret that I’ve been working on something really special, and 2019 is the year for it! I’ve been working with producer Paul Demarco again, who produced the first Lost Like Alice EP “Thread”. The new direction these songs have taken is so exciting, and cannot wait to share it with you! For now enjoy this video, and I’ll see you all in the new year! 

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