Perks Of Being A Musician

Being a musician, definitely comes with a lot of positive outcomes. You get to travel to new places, attend festivals, meet new people, and get involved in a great live atmosphere, all just for the simple goal of playing the songs you broke heart to write In your bedroom that time. I adore what I do, and am constantly excited with what's next for Lost Like Alice. Though it's not all joy. There's a lot of really tough things that come into play when you play live as much as I do, and I wanted to shed some light on. A prime example was this past Thursday, I had been planning for Months to be supporting John Adams for Independent Venue week, for which I had been counting down the days. It’s rare for me to get offered an event of this caliber and I couldn't wait. The original date for the show fell through due to awful weather conditions, and was postponed to Valentines Day. I came down with a virus just a few days before, which is a dreaded thing if you're a musician. You can't phone in sick and say you'll do it another day, events will happen with or without and that's just the way it is. I unfortunately had to make the call to protect damaging my voice further, thus cancelling the show. I believe a great time was had at the night and was great to see some photos. I'm hoping to book another show down in mid Wales very soon and apologise to those who had planned to catch me play. It’s just one of those really unlucky things. It's an awful thing to put in months trying to get people excited for a show, do post after post, arrange every last detail, just to be unable to perform when it's time. There is still some great events coming up this year, just gave me a bit of a knock not being able to do something I'd looked forward to so much. Rather than dwelling on things, let's talk about all the exciting events that are coming up! Since Lost Like Alice started, each and every year has been busier than the last, taking on new exciting opportunities each time! 2019 is no different, with a bunch of great shows coming up! 

Let’s Not Sulk About It 

I've got a great array of shows coming up this year that I cannot wait for, starting off with my return set at Borassic in Menai Bridge on March 1st! I had such a blast last time and cannot wait to return! I have a brand new set that i’ve been working on, with a bunch of new songs! Be sure to come out and have a listen! The way Lost Like Alice has been going the past few years, really fast paced, going from one EP to the next, new show after new show, and for the first time it has been really refreshing to just concentrate on the shows, work on this exciting new project quietly, while 20 still continues to do it’s thing. It’s a refreshing way to work, though it does get frustrating when you get excited about sharing something, which is rather annoying, but it’ll all be worth it I promise! As it’s getting into the lighter part of the year, festival season is in sight, with some brilliant Festival gigs coming up that I am very excited about. The first I can announce Is the Well Inn Festival in Holywell, featuring a large array of brilliant acts and artists and I’m buzzing to be amongst them! It’s all happening on September the 7th so make sure you make a note in your calendar! 

Catching Inspiration In The Moment 

I’ve been making more of an effort this year to share brand new ideas, as they fall onto the page. I’m always secretly doing these recording projects, holding back songs until I feel you’re ready to hear them. I wanted to really give an insight into how a song takes shape, and share what I do with those that want to listen. I’ve been writing so much over the past year or so, and thus meaning a whole new selection of songs are just waiting there. I will of course be releasing an official single, but it’s been fun to put out these live sessions of previously unheard songs, in their raw form. I hope you’ve been enjoying them too! See you next week!

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