Projects, Writing & Summer Season

So its Sunday night while I’m writing this, the time of the week where I get to summarise my whole week and let you all know about it. It’s a cool thing to do every week, even when you think you might not have done something that interesting, when you write about it, it puts things into perspective. I started the week getting really stuck into new projects. It’s nice when I have a week or so gap between gigs, so that I’m able to really give all my attention to new music. Ryan and I released ‘Innocent’ about a week ago, the response of which has been incredible. I really enjoyed the way we collaborated on the song, and have been spending the past few days working on new projects.  I love really getting out of my comfort zone and creating music that might have seen foreign to me in the past. 

While all this has been going on, I’ve been spending the past few months whenever I have had the time, working on a brand new solo ‘Lost Like Alice’ project. I’ve been writing so much recently and the project keeps evolving with every new idea, and every new song that comes about.  It’s a complete mix of everything I’ve done before, with this more profound tone, and a real sense that this is the project I was supposed to make. I might get this every time I work on a new project, but that just shows how much I believe in what I am writing. My brother gave me this beautiful brown leather songbook, with Chinese symbols engraved on the front that he got from his honeymoon. I’ve been really laying down pages and ideas, and exploring every side of what this new project could be. 

I’ve also got some really exciting gigs coming up this year, some of which are yet to be announced but I promise there’s some big news coming! I’ll be playing at Menai Food Festival in August, as well as returning to Manchester Food and Drink Festival late September. It’s almost the time of year where we move out of summer, the summer festivals stop, and the food and drink and artisan festivals begin. It is just a completely different audience, which is awesome. Be sure to check where I’m playing and come out to a show!

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