Running late with the blog, right on time for everything else!

Bit of a last-minute blog post today, everything has  been so mad recently I almost forgot completely! Oops! I've been putting my attention recently to writing a novel, something I've always wanted to do and finally got the right ideas and forced myself to keep writing. It's completely taken over my life at the minute but I'm really proud that I'm finally on the final stretch, 70,000 or so words later. Despite the lack of gigs recently, there is still exciting music news with the Lost Like Alice project at the minute. My brand new single Keys will be out on April the 5th, just a few days after I return from my trip to Paris. I'm beyond excited to go and I'm sure it will an amazing trip. I've been to France before just never seen Paris which is a bit of a crime, so I'm changing that! With everything that is going on, I can't wait to have a little break! It feels as if its been a long time over due! I will be hosting the open mic night at the cove in bangor on the 21st, so be sure to come down and have a listen! 

Whats the best thing about getting new music out there? 

Well I guess it's great to finally be able to share my ideas. The process of making this project has taken a long while, from writing, to planning, to recording and trying to capture the right vision for each of the tracks, with a brand new energy to the project. Keys is the perfect one to ease you in, symbolising everything that the new project is about and where its going to be heading over the next few years. 

When can we expect the new full length project? 

After keys is released there will be a series of a few other singles before the project comes out completely. Keys gets the ball rolling, before some really exciting and unique sounding tracks will be coming your way! Stay tuned and make sure you share with your friends about the new single coming out!

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