Summer Festivals, time off and everything else

It’s Sunday night again, well Monday to you, another week of interesting musical activities, another step closer to finishing new projects. I spent the last few days prepping for playing Holyhead Festival on Saturday. I’d had a few weeks off to focus on new stuff, so needed to really look at my set and get some decent practise in. It’s always an important thing. It’s not so bad when you’re gigging all the time but when there’s gaps between gigs, it’s always a good idea to brush up on things. It was my second year playing at the festival this year, and I had a great time! Had a great day just walking around seeing what was on, watching the parade and then doing my set. It’s great to see so many people come out for a local event, really shows community spirit at its best. I played a few new songs which always excites me, getting to see how people respond to them. 

My next show will be at Menai Food festival August 4th, which I can’t wait for! Food Festivals are always great fun, and a great place to walk around and try out some new things! I’ve never been to the Festival before so am really looking forward to seeing what’s there! Be sure to come down, sounds like a great day out! 

I spent the first half of my week just working in the garden, which is the best place to be when the suns out! It’s a nice change doing something non music related sometimes, but was buzzing to get back on the stage on Saturday! I’ve got some big gigs coming up later in August too, playing in Amlwch port for Gruffydd Wyn’s big thank you show on August 25th!  It’s a free event, so be sure to come and have a listen! It’s almost been a month now since ‘Innocent’ was released which seems a bit crazy. The support for the song has been amazing. Hearing it on stations in Australia, South Africa, France and all over the UK is a bizarre thing. Thanks everyone for the support and can’t wait to get some new music your way very soon!

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