Summer Season/Busy Weekends!

So this weekend has been another busy one. I had two local gigs for a change which is a really cool thing, I’m usually traveling all over for shows, and was so nice to just head up the road to play! The start of gigs this summer has been so much fun so far. It’s been a lot of hard work but really buzzing about what’s going on over the next few months! 

I’ve been booking some more very cool shows behind the scenes that I’ll announce shortly, but it’s safe to say it’ll be one hell of a summer! I’ve already had some brilliant opportunities this year, and can’t wait to keep going all summer, work on new music and get the songs out to new people! I’ve got a little break now till my next gigs, starting on the 22nd in Chester and then things start to get very busy again! I love having so many incredible events to go play my songs to new faces!

I’ve been working really hard on new music recently, and have got some really exciting ideas that are coming along, to create a really interactive listening experience! I love working on the visual side of music, as I’m really into photography and like to combine that with my songs, acting as a perfect backdrop to the thought behind the lyrics. All will be revealed soon enough, but I like to give a little news each week on the blog about what I’m up to, just not too much yet! 

My favourite thing about the summer, is summer festivals! I’ve got some great ones lined up to play at this year and I can’t wait! You never know who’s going to come away really liking your music and that’s an awesome thing! If you’re about this summer, do make sure you head down to a gig, they are incredible fun and a great way to spend a day this summer! 

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