Summer shows!

So this week has been another busy/exciting one! On Friday I headed down to Chester to play at Commonhall Social as part of this years Chester Live. I had the best time playing, the audience interaction was brilliant and just makes a show really special! It’s a great feeling being able to play an hour set of nothing but your own songs, and see them embraced In such a way! There was a guy who came up started rapping on one of my songs which was such a cool experience, and something I won’t ever forget! Everyone loved it and really made a special moment! 

I’m off now till the start of July, where things really get exciting again! The month starts off with Buddies in Betws on July 1st, which is such a brilliant charity and if you’ve ever been to Betws Y coed, it’s such a beautiful place! I have plans to go back into the studio next week and get this new project one step closer to completion! You can’t rush these things but am so excited to get it out there! I like to really create something new each project I do, want to always see where else I can take the music rather than just repeating myself! I’m so excited for next month, the weathers been beautiful recently and puts everyone in a great mood! There’s nothing better than playing out in the sun to a bunch of happy people! Be sure to come out to a show very soon! It’s my favourite thing in the world to do, and is always great to see new faces!

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