Sunshine, new projects & a new music video!

So this past week has been really fun, there’s been great weather here on Anglesey over the past few days, and have been making the most of it, going out and taking pictures. When I’m not out playing shows, i love to just take a step back to reflect, and think about everything coming up! I to Cemlyn the other morning to take some photos, as it was such a gorgeous day! You can find these pictures and loads more on my photography page!  

On Friday, I put out the new music video for ‘One Last Time’. The song is taken from my EP ‘20’, and is one of my favourites. It’s a song I’ve had for a long time, and when ‘20’ came along as a project, I knew it was the right home for it. The video was taken a few weeks ago, when I went down to Norfolk for a week. I had such a brilliant time there, and am so pleased that I was able to get some great footage to really bring out the lyrics in the song!  

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been back in the studio working on new material. The video for ‘One Last Time’ will be the last from ‘20’, as I feel it’s done it’s job as an EP, and even now almost two months after released, new people are still finding it which is such a brilliant thing! Before I recorded ‘20’, I had started a project which was this big full band, upbeat, bluesy project. I put that project on hold to do ‘20’, and am now working on those songs, as well as some brand new ones, for my next release. I love reinventing myself with each project, and this next one is definitely that! Can’t wait to share more about it! My next gig is at The Royal Oak in Wrexham on May 12th for Focus Wales, do come along, be great to see you! Check out the ‘One Last Time’ video below!


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