The Getaway, The Video, And Everything Else

So the past week I've been putting the final touches on the video for 'The Getaway' from my brand new EP '20'. I'm really made up with how it's turned out, really highlighting The message of the song! 

The song was written over a year ago, and has been a common entry in my set during that time. It's really beneficial to be able to gig a song before recording it, allowing you to really test it out and see what works. It's honestly the best way to try out new material, making sure you are taking the best version of the song into that recording session.  

I've talked about the ideas behind the song before but I'll briefly go over it. It's a song about seeing someone who's struggling saying "I'd be there if you'd let me", as they drift away. It's a reflection from a moment in my life, and I wanted to really highlight  that in the video, with these flashbacks.  

I decided to make the video after I was sat out in my garden in the sun, which is a rarity this time of year, and just had this idea and started filming. I've been collecting footage for a while and this was very handy with this video, as in the flashbacks it's obvious they were from a completely different point in time. I love being able to create videos and give the songs a new outlook, as another medium to express myself. The songs on this EP are really personal and is such a great thing to put those ideas and feelings, across to people in such a way. The video will be out really soon so look out for it!

I've got some more videos currently in the works, before I completely tie off this EP and get stuck in to gigs, before starting a new project! I always seem to have new stuff in the works as soon as I've finished a project, which is very useful, giving me a good amount of time to get something finished! 

I have two gigs coming up this weekend which are local ones for a change, it's always good fun to do local gigs! I'll be playing at The Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead on Friday the 30th, alongside a number of brilliant local bands for the first Holyhead Rising! It's a brilliant venue and I've never had the chance to play there until now, and is only up the road which is brilliant! On Saturday the 31st, I'll be in Rascals in Bangor with another bunch of brilliant local bands! Two awesome nights coming up, be sure to come out to one! 

I've been writing a lot recently which is really nice, as I've been so busy working on the other side of the music, setting up releases, and it can be hard to have time for everything. Now that the EP is out I can focus on the gigs I have coming up, as well as writing and recording new songs! I'll be playing some new songs at my gigs this weekend, as it keeps it fresh and is always a great way to test them out! Come down to a gig this weekend and have a listen! 

My main plan for this weeks blog was to do a bit of a Q & A about the new ep, and everything else you might want to know, but unfortunately that didn't go to plan! I'd love to hear from you all and can hopefully get some questions you might have, answered here on the blog! Be sure to get in touch!

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