Twenty: The EP and the age

Crooked Lines - Live At Manchester Academy
So as you probably maybe sort of know, I have a new EP coming out on March 2nd, and that EP, is called 20. If you've read this blog before, you'll know that I'll start getting right deep into it in the next paragraph. Grab a shovel, let's begin.  

The whole project started completely out of the blue. I hadn't planned to do it at all, the songs just sort made their way into my life and I couldn't ignore the direction they were telling me to go. I remember the exact moment, when the idea took place in my head. I had just done a gig at Manchester Food and Drink Festival, and was having a conversation with someone about how I wanted to showcase what I do live, on some kind of recorded project. It's one of those moments where you realise what you are going to do as soon as you say it. I had most of the songs at that point, and started recording the next day. 

To me it feels like an EP about growing up. I turned 20 in September, almost to my own disbelief, and was something that really resonated with me as a theme. These are songs about moments in life that define you, and feel I've had my share of those! The choice of the EP name wasn't just because I had just turned twenty and thought "yeah that will do". It came from the song, Now fittingly titled '20 (When We Wake). There's a line in the song which completely sums it all up, "Twenty years been told, still feels like seventeen".  

The last song on the EP is called 'One Last Time'. It's by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to write. It's about that last moment, before you finally let go. A lot of times we wish we can live in that moment forever, but it's false, and soon enough reality sets in, and you need to just let it be. It's a song that I thought I'd lose. I never had the right way to approach it, and the right project to put it on. I think it's the fact that when I recorded it, there was no pressure. I had completed the EP, well I thought I had anyway, so it was so refreshing to just focus on what the song needs, rather than all the complications that come with making music. It was simple.  

I see this EP as a collection of stories and events, from key moments in my life, which contribute to who I am as a person now. We all have moments that make us turn out a certain way, or highlight a certain characteristic that makes you, you. Sonically it's exactly what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to find out what just me in a room, with my thoughts, ideas, and songs sounds like, and this it. It's organic, it's stripped back, and it's a complete reflection of parts of my life. I really can't wait for you to hear this! Put March 2nd in your calendar! 

On Friday I supported Blank Cheque in Manchester Academy. It was such an amazing experience, going from playing in empty bars to a place where so many incredible artists have played. Definitely won't be something I'll ever forget. I opened the set with a song called 'Colour Blind' which is one I wrote before 'Lost Like Alice' started, and is a hard one to get rid of. I got to play 'Crooked Lines' to a crowd for the first time which was insane! You can find that performance video at the top of this post!  

This Friday I'll be releasing the music video for 'Crooked Lines'! I had so much fun making it and can't wait for you to see it! Keep a look out!


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