Twenty : The Getaway

The Getaway (Audio Visual)So this weekend I did my first gjg since February, which was really great to get back in to the swing of things. I've been working really hard over the past few months, getting everything ready for the EP release, and have been putting all of my time in doing as much as I could to get the EP out there. I'm so relieved to have the EP out, since recording in October, and planning every little detail, all the way up to its release last week in March.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into gigs, and be able to put all my energy into that! Speaking of which, I have some super exciting gigs coming up this year, playing at the first Holyhead Rising on March 30th, Focus Wales on May 12th, The Eagle Inn in Salford on May 24th, and a whole load of brilliant events coming up,  be sure to have a look at my shows and come down to one! 

I've been really overwhelmed by the response to this EP, and all the support it has received, it really means the world. To all the people who played a song on the radio, did a review, or even just had a listen, thank you! I'm looking forward to starting on my next project and seeing where the music takes me next. 

There is a bonus track on the EP called 'Three'. The song has only been available on physical copies, but will be digitally released on all platforms on March 16th. The song is a really minimal acoustic recording of an upbeat song about not being another number In a system. Get your physical copies to hear the track right away! It focuses heavily on this catchy guitar riff that carries through the song, with a very rhythmic strumming pattern. Be sure to give it a good listen, it's one of my favourites! 

Since the EP is out, I want to highlight a song from the EP on each blog post that I do. So this week I have chosen 'The Getaway', which was one of the first written. You can find a brand new audio visual up to have a watch/listen, and there will be a new one every week! Click the link at the top to find that!

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