Twenty: This Friday!

So this Friday, my brand new EP twenty comes out!! It's been a very long process and it's finally almost here! I'm so incredibly proud of this and I hope you love it! 

The EP itself took about 2 months to finish, spending most days and nights working on it like a crazy person. Each song inspired a new idea, and I got so wrapped up in it, in a good way! It's the most honest I've ever been as a songwriter. In the past I would have said "No I can't put that out it's too personal", but I think there's something beautiful about being able to share these things, in such an incredible way!  

Each song means so much to me, and with this stripped back concept, I was able to really listen to what the songs needed and let the message in them speak loudly. I didn't want to repeat what I did with my previous EP 'Thread', as it's everything I ever wanted it to be, and knew the next thing to do was the complete opposite.  

When I started the process for the EP, it was originally supposed to be four tracks, but I have been writing so much at the moment, so that didn't last very long! The EP now has six tracks, as well as a bonus track which will be exclusively available on physical copies, and then released at a later date! I see each song as a marker for a specific moment in my life. The response to the singles already has been so overwhelming. To know that people are really connecting with the songs means the world to me!  

This was the first time I'd ever produced a full EP completely on my own, which was something I've always wanted to do. It was really important to me to emulate the message in each song, with the surrounding music. Headlights for example, is about living within limitations, yet still seeing the beautiful moments in life as they pass. I represented this idea musically, by really stripping everything back, leaving this slow wave of ambient acoustic guitar, gently pushing the lyrics. It's an idea I've carried through the entire EP, which is something I'm so proud of! I really cannot contain my exciting for this EP coming out, it will soon be yours! 

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