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Crooked Lines Music VideoSo as you now know, my new EP is rapidly approaching. I am in full gear getting stuff ready to finally get this thing out! I've put an awful lot into this and can't wait for you to have a listen! There's tonnes of stuff happening at the minute to coincide with the release so thought I'd update you on a little bit of that. I apologise in advance for the unstructured nature of this weeks blog, got lots to cover! 

On Friday I released the music video for 'Crooked Lines', which is something I've been keeping quiet about for a while. It's exactly what I wanted to achieve, really highlighting the message in the song, as well as giving you something enjoyable to watch! I spent a while coming up with ideas, and whilst out in my garden, I saw a pile of withered roses, that had been thrown out. It sparked this idea of giving something a new life, which I think really resonates with the songs idea of acceptance, before you begin to heal. You've got all this life going on around you, always moving forward, even when it feels like you're not, which is something I wanted to try and visually represent in the video. If you haven't seen it yet all of this might sound like nonsense so click the link at the top to have a watch! The song it's self I think carries a really important message. Saying "I'm not okay, and that's okay too". I like to think that although these songs can often come from a pretty dark place, they have a little hope, that things can and will get better. 

I have a tonne of gig dates coming up which I'm so excited for, as well as some very cool festival slots! All of March I'm out gigging, playing places I've never played, to people who've never heard my music which I find really exciting. In March I'll be playing in London for the first time, as well as some great local gigs in between that. Be sure to come out to one, they are always a great laugh, and is a great way to spend an evening listening to some original music! Since about October, I've slowed things down gig wise, so I could regroup and focus on my new EP. After my first gig of the year at Manchester Academy was such a success I can't wait to get back to playing as much as I can! Here's a list of my gigs in March:  

March 2nd - EP COMES OUT 
March 10th - The Manor, Conwy
March 30th - Ucheldre, Holyhead  
March 31st - Rascals, Bangor 

I'm currently getting physical copies of the new EP sorted and have finalised artwork which is super exciting! I will do a post once those are available! If you can't tell by reading this, I'm extremely excited to get this EP out! I've also been working on some never heard before, brand new surprises for the EP that I can't wait for you to be a part of! It's the most inspired I've been musically making 20, and am incredibly proud of it. March 2nd and it's all yours!

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