20: Week Eight

It’s Sunday night while I’m writing this, Monday while you’re reading it, and I’m sat down trying to articulate all the interesting things from my week! The world of ‘Lost Like Alice’ is set to change very soon, as I get closer and closer to completing a project that I feel I was made to create. It’s a brand new approach to music that I had never before explored, and have been lost in these new sounds for months, seeing where they want to go! I’ve been a bit quiet on gigs for the past few weeks, trying to get a brand new song finished to put out to you very soon! The whole vibe of this project is everything I had ever wanted to create, and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Speaking of gigs, I have a really exciting one coming up on Saturday! I’m playing two sets at Manchester Food & Drink Festival and I cannot wait! It’s always great fun to play in Manchester, as I get to see family and friends, and is just always a load of fun! I played last year, and I can’t wait to take to the main stage this year! I’m heading down on the Friday to have an evening with my family before Saturdays big gig.  

The week after I’m heading off to Portugal for a week which I cannot wait for! I have no plans for shows at the start October as I wanted to keep it clear to take some time off, and get a new single ready to get out! It’s annoying as I would love to share everything instantly, but it’ll be worth the wait I promise! Summer is basically over, the nights are colder, but there’s still exciting stuff round the corner! On October 27th I will be returning to Conwy Feast! I had a blast last year, and is one of my favourite winter events! It’s always cool to do shows in North Wales, especially really cool ones such as this! Then I’m heading up to Colwyn Bay for Glyn Fest on November 2nd, and playing at Oxjam Manchester on November 3rd! I’m going to be hitting gigs hard again over the last few months of the year, getting ready for a big new year! Lots of great shows, tonnes of new music, and a whale of a good time!  

I’ve been doing a lot of planning recently about my new music, seeing where it can go and how best to approach its arrival. It’s important to plan these things as there’s a lot of work that goes into projects, that it needs the same amount of work to insure it lands smoothly. I really enjoy that part as it’s super creative and really gives you something to be proud of! The last EP was played all over the world, let’s go for bigger this time! To everyone who has bought a CD in the past, told me how much they liked my music or come out to see me at a show, thank you! It’s honestly why I do what I do, and can’t wait to bring new tunes straight to you! 

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