Innocent: Out July 13th!

So this week’s blog post is a really special one, as I’ve got something super exciting coming out on Friday with my friend/DJ, Ryan M Hughes. We’ve worked on a lot of projects together in the past, but the way this project came along was so refreshing, allowing us to create something, we are both deeply proud of. If you’ve been keeping up with mine or Ryan’s social media, or read this blog title, you’ll know that I’m talking about our brand new single ‘Innocent’, out Friday 13th July. 

I’ve wanted to do a collaboration project for a while now, but anything I’ve been proposed in the past, has never really fit. The way this song came about was, I was out one day getting coffee or something boring like that, and I got an email from Ryan of this instrumental track, just to get my thoughts on it. I played it in the car countless times on the way home and got so inspired by it. It was open enough musically for me to really visualise it and put my stamp on it. I went home and spent the next two days working on it, sending it back and forward with Ryan to get it right, and finalised the track within two days of hearing that first instrumental. It happened so off the cuff, I was able to really focus and write very quickly, to get out what I could hear in my head. 

The lyrics of the song are something that I’m very proud of. I’ve tried a few projects like this and can be hard to come up with ideas to fit an already designed structure. The ideas sort of just flowed so naturally, and instantly got into what I wanted to say. It’s a breathe of fresh air working on something that I wouldn’t of thought I’d be doing in the past, and see it come to life in such a way. Innocent, is a complete mix between my world of music, and Ryan’s. It’s a real collaboration in every sense. I listen to all kinds of music and am so happy to put all of that to use, and make something I probably wouldn’t of before. The response the song has been getting is incredible, and it isn’t even out yet!! 

I posted a little teaser the other day, which you may or may not have seen. The clip is of President JFK’S speech from 1962 about the moon landing. Such an iconic bit of history that obviously, I was not born for. But still. The reason for that will be made clear on Friday. But in the meantime you can watch the teaser here, and be sure to share away!

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