20: Week Three

It’s Sunday night again while I’m writing this, another busy week, another new show to talk about, a bunch of new things in the works. It’s starting to be the end of Festival season, and has left me reflecting on the year I’ve had so far with shows, though it isn’t over yet! Next week I’m playing at Gruffydd Wyn’s big thank you concert in Amlwch Port. It’s to show his appreciation for the community supporting him during his time on Britain’s Got Talent. There’s loads of great acts playing also, and it’s free entry! Not one to miss!  

Since the last two blog posts have been very much themed to one main subject, this one will be no different! There’s a lot of moments I can write about in the Three or so years since I started ‘Lost Like Alice’, but I want to base this blog on what’s going on with ‘Lost Like Alice’ now. Well I’ll get to what I’m doing now anyways!  

As you might know, I put out my last EP ‘20’ in March, a really stripped back project that I’m incredibly proud of. That was not the plan for the second EP at the start. I had just put out ‘Thread’, and had been writing a lot, during the time I was finalising everything. Within a month of its release I had started a brand new project, big guitars, big sound, not unlike ‘Thread’. I’d tracked about 5/6 songs, when I started writing these really laid back acoustic songs. I stopped everything I was doing and started self recording these songs, and put all my energy into that. Those songs became ‘20’. It was actually one of the best decisions I’ve made musically. Had I carried on, I may have ended up with something rushed, not a project that I wanted to follow ‘Thread’. I felt so inspired with ‘20’, that I had to see it through.  

It gave me time to really concentrate on writing, leading on to the project I’m working on now. It’s by far the most excited I’ve ever been with a project, though I am in no rush. I want to really explore every corner of this thing, to really push boundaries of the EPs I have made in the past. It feels like something I was meant to make, and I’m so proud of the songs and how they are shaping up. I’ve been working on it since the start of the year, and am covering great ground, going in to do a session whenever I have some free time from gigs. That’s probably as much as I can say at the minute because I want it to be a big surprise when it arrives. Until then, make sure you come down to a show and you might hear some new songs. The first few parts of this blog series, were all about how ‘Lost Like Alice’ started, but I’m more excited about what’s going on now. I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities to play my songs this summer, and will continue to do so! Yesterday I played at Sunny Fest at Sunny Vale Caravan Park, and had the best time. Its set in such an ideal location, I could see nothing but the crowd, and waves in the background while I was singing. Such a beautiful experience. I intend to take a few weeks off in October to really focus on recording, and see where I can take the project, returning to play shows in November.  I am sure that I’ll somehow end up not sticking to that but we will see! See you next week!


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