20: Week Two

So it’s that time again, new blog post, new story and all that. Last week I started off 20 Weeks of in depth stories and content surrounding Lost Like Alice, and the journey through all of it. I started off with how I got into music, and all the different factors growing up, that I feel have had an impact on me as a songwriter. I spent the majority of my time as an 11 - 14 year old, gigging, writing and just fully embracing every opportunity I had to go and play live. As a kid this was such an amazing thing, but once I started to become a teenager, I grew tired of it and ended up drifting away from music slightly. It’s something I’ve always had in my life, but there was a time where I had stopped gigging, and swore that I only really wanted it as a hobby. It’s crazy now to think about that time because of how completely motivated I am now towards my music, but at one point I just wanted to be a kid and grew tired of gigging every weekend. That is something that I absolutely adore now but I didn’t then for some reason. I kept writing through that time, though for years I didn’t play any of the songs I’d been writing to anyone. It was solely just a hobby.  

I didn’t really get back into music properly until I was 18. I had applied for a place on a course at BIMM in Manchester, and had an audition which I was really nervous about, as I had to play these songs no one had ever heard before. It gave me this new lease of confidence, and though I ended up dropping out of the course after a few weeks, as it wasn’t really for me, I still took a lot away from it. I remember when I got back from the audition I just had this new energy, trying to start getting gigs again, something I hadn’t done for about three years. After emailing everyone I could think of I’d lined myself up with a string of gigs across wales and started playing in Manchester as much as I could. It was quite intense to avoid something for years, to then throw yourself in full force. I’d built up a collection of songs in that time and soon began to record, what I consider the first ‘Lost Like Alice’ project. It wasn’t called that yet but some of those songs, are still in my set today. My favourite song from that time is called ‘Heavy Strings’. It’s never left my set since I wrote it, and always seems to connect with people when I play it live. That EP was under my own name, and didn’t really do much with it once I had finished it. I put it out and sort of left it, moving on to what would become ‘Thread’. I couldn’t imagine my life without music now, but at one point that’s where I was at. I didn’t want to pursue anything, and just took a slight nudge to get me back on track with everything. That all lead into what is now ‘Lost Like Alice’, and the music I make today.  The EP was a five track acoustic project, of some pretty deep and poignant songs from that time. It’s only been heard by a handful of people which I think is a really special thing. These are after all the songs I started gigging after not playing for years.

I’m really enjoying diving in to how everything started and letting you know a little more! This week I’ve had another great studio session working on new stuff which I’m so excited about, and getting ready for a busy few weekends of gigs! Be sure to come out to one, check back here next Monday for another blog post!

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